There is a danger in picking battles. Now before you dig a hole for me, hear me out. We are all guilty of picking battles similar to the process in which our own government chooses battles. We pick the opponent which seems weak, vunerable, easy, and a sure-fast-quick victory, but as soon as you begin the fight out jumps an opponent who you clearly mis-judged and you are running to God to win the fight you started. We spend time begging for God to fix it and rightfully so we should hear the response "Why, I didn't start it."

The real danger is in our in-ability to properly analyze situations, know our real strength, sticking your spiritual chest out like you have the body of Lee Haney, but you have the frame of a mouse. Too much shouting on the outside and scared on the inside. Picking fights to prove yourself to people who dont care nor matter. Claiming KOs, when it was really a close call. Claiming you beat your problem by a mile, when it was actually a photo-finish. Rejoicing on past victories does not always prepare for future battles.

If the battle is the Lord's? Why are you in the ring running from a fight while you partner is on the outside of the ring waiting for you to let him in?

This is a recent conversation I had with myself. Maybe you need to have this conversation too......

Be Blessed
Pastor Charles Moore

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