Together, Prophets, we can do remarkable work in the world!

A Word from Dr. Samuel Rivers, Jr. to Prophets and Prophetic People

Together, Prophets, we can do remarkable work in the world!


Prophetic Training College Weekend takes you right into the heart of what matters for Prophets and Prophetic People—accuracy, integrity and accountability. This Prophetic and Educational Weekend takes you beyond the regular excuses for why you are not living the life of the power, authority and a greater prophetic dimension that resides within you.


These times require a greater demand for Prophets and prophetic people to operate in their gifts with excellence, accuracy, integrity and a greater level of intelligence; and retire the excuses, walk away from transgressions, flaky manifestations and assume the roles we were created to live, which is a noble life of credibility and excellence, sound in the word of God, and living a life of power with authority. Now is the time for prophets and prophetic people to stand humbly and boldly while operating in their gifts, given by the Spirit.

One question is, “Will prophets and prophetic people rise to meet the needs of the times?” We are in an unprecedented time in history. “It is now Time for Prophets to Arise”.


Thank God the time is Now and He is ready to open heaven and download His plan, purpose and strategies of the kingdom to the prophets. For so many prophets and prophetic people there is a deep-seated knowing that these are the times for which we were created, in spite of the upheavals and the resistance that we witness and experience against the prophets and prophetic ministry.

I have created a special Prophetic Training College Weekend to help you become all that you can be in this most critical time of human history.


I have seen Prophets and prophetic people struggle for acceptance in the church; in order for prophets and prophetic people to be fully embraced, accepted and have a successful prophetic ministry, one must press beyond personal feelings, opinions and assumptions and recommit to Godly principles that serve individuals and our world, undergird the local church, spiritual leaders and learn to expand one’s ways of thinking and acting for the kingdom of God.

It is time to realize that the gift of prophecy and the anointing is a sacred, gift from God to expand and advance the kingdom of God and to obliterate the forces of darkness. It is time for prophets to be properly educated in the prophetic, join in a community of prophets, commit to the process of being empowered and be the active change agents in the world. Being armed with the wisdom, knowledge and understanding necessary to help create vital changes in a person’s life. When prophets are equipped they can affect individuals, the community and the nations of this world.


I am urgently calling for prophets and prophetic people to align their lives, (body, soul and spirit), into the full expression of who they were called to be and what they are to accomplish in this Earth.

Find your voice and take your place in the kingdom of God and in society with power and authority. More importantly, act as if the world depended on you, your courage, along with, the word of wisdom, word of knowledge and the prophetic utterance given to you from Almighty God, Creator of the heavens, the earth.


I’ve created Prophetic Training College weekend 2011 to be a powerful, educational and anointed weekend on the East Coast, dedicated to equipping, imparting, aligning and helping you to achieve growth in the prophetic. This weekend is full with insightful teaching and powerful exercises to activate a greater prophetic flow in your personal life and in ministry.


In this prophetic educational weekend, there will be an emphasis on integrity, accuracy, accountability, prophetic intelligence, credibility, the gift of prophecy, the office of the prophet, and the role of the prophetic in the church and in society, your prophetic identity and perspective on how prophets and prophetic people can impact the world. This Prophetic weekend will involve powerful activations, trainings and equipping to reverse the effects that chaos and fragmentation have brought with your previous experiences with prophets and prophetic ministries. At the end of weekend you will have a new way of thinking and acting that will enhance your life and how you function in society.


The 3-Day Prophetic Education weekend is designed for prophets and prophetic people that are seeking to increase and improve the quality of their prophetic ability. Only the prophets and prophetic people with the proper mentorship, teaching and equipping will be able to properly succeed, having an impact in the world.


Attend this 3-Day Prophetic Training College Weekend. Don’t become a casualty in the prophetic. Take control of your prophetic destiny by arming yourself with the knowledge, equipping, impartation and activation that will align your prophetic gifting.

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Prophetic Training College Weekend

Friday, February 25 - Sunday, February 27


Keeping our Commitment to a Excellent Prophetic Education  

Advanced Training Opportunities  

to take you to Your Next Level.

Prophetic Training College Weekend delivers transformational teaching and activation that shows you how to develop and enhance your prophetic gift with extraordinary results.  
"FINALLY! You Too Can Discover the inner dynamics of prophesy in only a fraction of the time others normally take!"

Every minute will be filled of life-transforming training. 

Start on your Journey of integrity in the prophetic! 

  • You will receive the very best teaching, clearly explained; equipping and impartation with the most powerful lineup from Dr. Samuel Rivers.
  • This will be an extraordinary and radical departure from traditional thinking ideas concerning Prophets and prophetic ministry.
  • You will acquire the knowledge, the tools and the renewed state of mind that will help you improve, and develop your prophetic ministry with a deeper, and greater accuracy, with a powerful Prophetic flow.
  • You learn the role  and the function of Prophets and the prophetic in the local church.
  • You learn how prophecy works, how to move with the flow of the Holy Spirit accurately and not prophesy from the emotions of your soul and an untrained gift.
  • Whether you are a Prophet, a beginner in the prophetic or desire to learn more about the gift or spirit of prophecy, Dr. Rivers will give you the ultimate keys to equip, activate and teach you to be better and stronger, with more insight and knowledge than before.
  • You will discover the inner dynamics of prophecy and how to hear the voice of God within yourself, and prophecy at will, rather than waiting for external circumstances to activate them.

Discover the Difference One Weekend Can Make!

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Prophetic Training College Weekend


College Weekend Schedule
Friday, February 25, 7:30 PM
Saturday, February 26, 10:30 A.M.
Break 12:30 PM
3rd Session Saturday February 26, 1:15 P.M.

Sunday February 27, 10:30 A.M.


The Voice of the Lord International Church, Inc.
  1268 Yeamans Hall Road, North Charleston SC 29410

Phone (843) 529-0390 Fax (843) 529-0397

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