I believe that we are living in a time now, where the church has begun to accept people and situations without a demand for change. It seems as if the body of Christ have begun to allow any and everything to go on in the Lord's house and then refer to it as a part of "the process." I believe that there is a process that we all must go through in order to be all God wants us to be, there is a stripping of the old and an acceptance of the new, but there are alot of people that we come in contact with that have no desire to become anything more that what they are. Many times we tolerate their sin. We know that they are walking contrary to the word of God, and still let them serve as musicains, ministers, deacons, ushers and the list goes on. Offices/ positions in the church are needful for example purposes. The leader must be an example of the word of God that he/she teaches and preaches. We wonder why we don't see healing, deliverance, signs, wonders, miracles and even seeing people getting filled with the Holy Ghost like in the days of old.....It's because the church has tolerated sin for membership. We must denounce this spirit! It's hindering our progress, but most of all the opportunity of the church to win souls. Jonah was the cause of the storm that rocked the boat, because of his unwillingness to do what the Lord said. When the mariners got the story from Jonah, they knew he was wrong, yet they tried to keep him on the ship (toleration). I am not saying that we should throw people overboard, but I am saying that we should pray that God will convict their hearts to the place that they will desire true deliverance.

From my heart to yours,

Elder David Baxter

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Comment by Samson Wanjala Joel on August 12, 2010 at 10:39am
I am Samson Wanjala Joel born as the 1st grandson in a family dedicated to carry on the devil’s mandate – practicing witchcraft and sorcery- I was earmarked as an apparent heir to the seat of chairmanship of which my grandpa was serving. But on August 27th 1979 the Lord visited my life with the true gospel and so I surrendered to God’s will with high level of enthusiasm to serve God the whole of my life.

After my formal education, I enrolled myself in bible school for my biblical studies from 1985 to 1999 December. After teaching in some bible school for some 4 years at the same time, doing evangelism for I would always hear the voice of the unreached people then God called me into full time ministry as a pastor in 1993 March, and I planted the 1st Church in August same year, the very 1st Sunday.

We have multiplied so much that I am the overseer and senior pastor of Faith Dominion Church Intl – with 13 branch churches.

I am married to my lovely wife – Hannah Nekesa Wanjala for over thirty years now. She’s serving as the service pastor of the headquarters church located in Kimilili town Western part of Kenya.

We are blessed with four children aged between 22 years – 17 years and have adopted 2 two destitute boys. We are educating and parenting at the same time.
Our 1st born – Bramuel Situma - University 3rd year studying Medicine
2nd born – Kennedy Nyongesa – Ist year University – Undertaking electrical engineering.
3rd born – Miriam Nasimiyu – Joining University this year 2010 in September to undertake journalism.
4th born – Andrew - Joining University this year 2010 to study Political Science

The two destitute boys:-
1st – Samuel - O’ level this year 2010
2nd – Japheth - Kindergarten – pre-unit

God said: “Raise up a generation for my Glory” Isaiah 42:22-
Target: The unreached groups – i.e. nations, tribes, regions.
Mission: Evangelise, disciple, plant churches where there are no true bible teaching church, contact revival and conferences to existing churches for spiritual empowerment and enlighten.
Reach out to needy communities minister to them to them, 1st -meeting their physical needs then bring them to the love of God through his son Jesus Christ.

I believe in biblical training of the pastors and other leaders but more so for spiritual sound life which can only be attained by one establishing a stable committed relationship with the God head father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

Our vision projections mandate
To obtain a good land size-30 acres where we can build
1)Ministry headquarters
2)Conference facilities
3)Biblical school-to offer
(a)certificate courses
(b)diploma courses
(c)degree level
An informed school
a)From kindergarten
b)Primary level
c)Secondary level

Because children like untilled land of prepared well, with Godly foundations in them, they will live to affect many generations after them.

For ministry- we are trusting God for a good sound p.a- for reaching out and good generator as our source of power and light, with transportation van, a double cabin help us to where we are now.

As to carry this truth- across Africa and the whole world of Jesus terms
our request: that as you come across and read kindly pray with us not our doing but Gods mandate upon our shoulders and blessed be all that can stand to pray and even stand with it that we may all be partakers of one day in his presence. God says 'well done thou good and his faithful servant enter into to your rest To and for my for my family ;pray with and them and as God leads let all the glory be to him.

I am not only having churches in Kenya but Tanzania-Mwanza town. God bless you.

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