Wherever there is a competition, race, or game, the goal is generally to apprehend some sort of prize, award, or reward, either for the individual efforts of the contender, or for the whole team. It has been a popular slogan, in this country, based on the Olympics,to exhort one, that if you're going to "do it" ( whatever "it" is) , "GO OR THE GOLD"! Competiition can be a positive motivator that establishes a determined "focus" on one's total objective, and it can also become something diabolical and destructive, if it goes beyond the boundaries of healthy "one upmanship", and the attitude of "may the best man/woman win!" It was the spirit of "competitive jealousy", which evolved into obssessive envy, and a fixed mind to overcome and conquer God, Himself, by Lucifer. From that time on, satan has been in a state o malevolent jealousy and resentment towards "man" and his relationship with God, because he wasn't wise or humble enough to maintain his spot in God' affections, and so we have been "off to the races", where the devil is concerned, ever since. We have actually inherited this battle and contention with the enemy, that's not even personal, but it originated under the branches of the "tree of the knowledge of life", and it has continued, without interruption,through all the millenuiums,centuries, and decades that have come and gone since, even unto this present hour. The Bible describes it as "enmity", and it states that because of it, the serpent shall "bruise our heel", and we shall "bruise"his head, but your "heel" is not the "trophy" that the devil desires, because the right antibiotics and "foot soaks" will undo that damage, and giving him a "headache" is not the trophy we're after concerning him! Satan has determined to "take no prisoners", and in his ruthlessness, and dogged determination to have the "gold", which is your soul, devotion to God, Coveant life in Christ, and anointing, he will accept a few consolation prizes along the way, like your son's premature death, your daughter's soul, or even the first breath of your unborn progeny or future generations. Have you ever considered why the devil is so consumed with you, and why his mind is filled with you 24 hrs. a day? Have you ever wondered why you are such an aggravation, vexation, and irritation to him? Well,FYI. it is because , since he knows he can NEVER be restored to the position of "beloved cherub or angel", he can NEVER be granted access beyond heaven's gates, and he will NEVER have any kind of favor with God again, preventing you from having the same things is a worthwhile consolation prize fror him! If he can't take home the 'gold",he'll settle for the "silver", which symbolizes the "cost of a life"! Having your soul, provides momentary satisfaction, and capturing your anointing may have him throw a parade or too, but the "TROPHY" he has set his mind to attain, way before you were ever a concept or a notion, is that which is a "trophy" to you, your "eternal life"! YOU are not the only one pressing towards the "mark" of the high calling of Jesus Christ, and the "prize" is "laying hold of "ETERNAL LIFE", where you will be advanced and blessed to be in the very position, that satan foolishly forsook in his greed, vanity, and irrreverence for the rightousness and Holiness of God. You don't need to celebrate because he's 'under your feet", because when you lift them there's a possibility that he can crawl from under them, and that's just a "consolation prize"because you're still in the race or the battle, but the "trophy" is staying in the ring with him, until the final round without a TKO, or a waving of the white flag, and escaping this life with your eternal life, in and with Christ , secure! Your "tophy",is the testimony of sustained sanctification, and a "soul" that is still washed in the blood to present to Christ, when you join the 24 elders gathered around the Great White Throne! Your trophy as a man or woman of God, is the sustained "souls" of all that were assigned to you for stewardship, and safe keeping, and being able to say "Father, I've not lost any,that you've given unto me!" You shouldn't want to "just make it in", because that's a "consolation prize",but you should desire to be translated into His presence to take your place, amongst the "so great a cloud of witnesses", and immediately add your voice of adoration, to the"Hosanas" that will usher yu in!! There are many consolation prizes that satan is accumulating in his patient bid for the real trophy in your life, like your marriage ,your sanity, your health, peace of mind, and your Godly disposition, your relationships with your children, their obedience, destiny, sexuality, your financial stability and prosperity, your fruitfulness, ability to concieve or reproduce, your reputation, sanity and liberty, and your praise. If you were able to see satan's "trophy room", and "trophy case", you would be amazed at what you would find! There would be a few things that would be familiar to "YOU". You know how you always wondered where your "joy", "patience", Peace", committment, fidelity, healthy lungs, healthy heart nd liver, regulated blood presure and blood sugar, soundness of mind, memory and thoughts, ability to orgive, perpetually, love and compassion for people, devotion to your mate, financial inheritance, anointing to sing,preach teach, and desire to intercede, evangelize, cast out demons, and proohesy went? You would find them right there in the rows and rows of the devil"s trophy cases, and if you had the time to search the millions of aisles and rows of trophies, you would find a few things that belonged to your grandmama, her mama, and her mama's mama's mama's mama! There has to be a measure of balance or fairness in any competition or it's not a competition, and God has provided this for us, and a way of escape. YOU have a trophy case too, and YOU have the home team advantage, and you don't have o take any consolation or "also ran" awards or prizes, because in your personal "trophy case", there are a "few" things, but they are of great POWER! If you take the time to interact with and commune with God, He will tell you what these things are, and where they've been hidden from the enemy. What He would remind you of is that when He went down into the bowels of hell, He apprehended the ultimate "trophies" for you, because He snatched back the trophies of the "keys"! He won for you what you could never win for yourself, the "KEYS TO DEATH, HELL, AND THE GRAVE!" What's better than that is , unlike most "trophies" that "look good", and make good conversational pieces, but are non-functional, these trophies, can be used at will, and their best use, is to unlock the devil'sn trophy case, and take back all of your "prizes" awards, and trophies. AND THE WINNER IS ,AND STILL "CHAMPION", THE ONE WHO HOLDS THE KEYS!

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