I'm looking to help change lives...to encourage lost and lonely souls...I want to let all know...that there is sooooo much more to life...when you really Trust and Believe in God and Jesus Christ.
God is truly so good!

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Comment by Minister: Rosa H-Griffin on April 13, 2009 at 6:14pm
My Sister, if only we all really realized the truth of God's goodness, how much better our lives, our homes, our world , our commumities, our nation would be, but we hesitate and we procrastinate and we trust in the things that the Creator made instead of the Creator, Himself. Some one said it does not take all that but I beg to differ, it takes that and so much more; more than we are sometimes willing to give and or give up. I am tired of my my stuff and my issues and my this and that and I like you am looking to change lives be it by my preaching, my singing, my smile, my silence or whatever, I am ready to make a difference in someone's life. There is a condition though; they must be willing to hear what thus saith the Lord. We canot make them believe but God is worthy of the try and so we can then feel free to beckon them that need to know the truth to hear the message through our gifts. I am tired of wasting God's precious time.

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