Turning Physical Pain into Triumph for the Lord

Christian Living Magazine March/April 2009 Issue
Written By: Diana J. Baker

New artist, Kelly Manu, a Canadian singer/songwriter, was in a car accident in 2004. After the accident, she became quite ill. “Although doctors treated my neck injury for two months, I sensed that something far more serious was wrong with me,” Kelly says. Her intuition proved to be absolutely right on. “I finally found a doctor who listened to
me, and I was diagnosed with cervical cancer,” she shares. “The cancer had spread through the left side of my body
affecting my kidney and my spine.” Kelly underwent chemotherapy, radiation and radical brachy treatment,
almost dying in the process. She then spent the better part of three years in bed, believing God for a miracle. God
not only performed a miracle of healing in Kelly’s physical body, but He also brought her into a deeper relationship with Him than she had ever experienced.
A Deeper Walk With God
“God has been so good to me,” Kelly says. “Although I was raised in a church and am the daughter of Pastor
Morvan Rowsell and Gospel Singer/Songwriter Wavie Rowsell, those three years I was confined to bed brought me
into reality. I have never felt as close to Jesus as I have felt since I underwent treatment for cervical cancer. God was
molding me so He could bring me into a better place. As I prayed and waited, I drew closer to Him.”
A Surprise Blessing
Kelly’s husband, Gurpal, their adult children, Paul, Sara and Krystalynn and many other family members and friends
ministered to Kelly during her lengthy illness. As she recovered, her parents asked her to write a “thank you note”
to those who had reached out to her. “When I began to write the note,” Kelly says, “I realized I was not just writing a
note… it felt songlike. I sensed that God was giving me a song to help encourage sick, lost, lonely people.”
While writing that note, the Holy Spirit prompted Kelly to write the song, “God’s Been Good to Me.” Later, Kelly
was inspired to write other songs, whichresulted in her recently released CD, “Up in Heaven.”

“While going through this trial,” Kelly says, “I wrote the CD, “Up in Heaven.” I can truly say that I’ve never felt so much happiness, pure joy and completeness in my life. I want to share my story and blessings with others.
Tragedy is not always a negative. The most profound blessings can be found in our darkest hours.”

Kelly is a walking testimony to the miraculous healing power of God, and she is busy testifying to that fact. To quote from her web site: “Kelly is nowon a mission to help save souls and to spread the word of the power of God. She is using her musical talent to reach as many souls as possible.” Kelly is now recording her second CD, which will be released later this year. Kelly and her children worship and minister in music at Rehoboth Worship Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada under the ministry of Kelly’s awesome parents, Pastor Morvan and Wavie Rowsell. www.rehobothpentecostal.com

For further information about Kelly and her ministry or to order the “Up in Heaven” CD, please go to

By Diana J. Baker
16 Christian Living March/April 09

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