Boy, are we blessed in the United States of America. Even in the midst of all the problems with our economy, we're still more blessed than the majority of countries in the world! We have so much stuff-clothes that we don't wear, a "gazillion" pairs of shoes, frappacinos, two cars, the house or apartment... or our parent's pad, so on and so forth. Most of the time we're on brain overload trying to keep it all going. What can you let go of to help someone in need? It'll help someone else and lighten your load emotionally, financially and spiritually as well.

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Comment by Evangelist Val Robinson on March 17, 2009 at 11:54am
Ladies..Ladies me a pack rat or what ..but I have these two closets..that I promise myself month after month that every thing in them has to go..and still there it sits..God told me to get rid of the excess and the more I do ,the more overflow there about blessings coming forth..I asked for a abundance.. so please be careful what you pray for... now, I'm praying Lord give me the strength to get rid of it all now..seriously if I could get down to a weeks worth of clothing I could make do lol but seriously I'm on my way to two empty closet by the weekend!!!..Love this post and the remarks...Pray my health and strength (neck and back injury) as I end my membership to the pack rat club and I box it up and get rid of it all..starting today! This helped me deal with it..had the willing heart but the mind just wasn't going along with it :-) God Bless each of you for sharing..see you never know who your thoughts will help! Keep them coming!! Hugs!!
I Give Him...

Evangelist Robinson
Comment by Rev. Rena Laster on March 6, 2009 at 10:15pm
I, too, have a problem parting with books. But maybe as we all encourage each other to declutter our possessions, our minds and spirits, we can become even more fruitful in the Kingdom.
Comment by Micah RaSun-Vann on March 6, 2009 at 11:45am
You are so right Sis. I have not worked in 5 months and praises be to God I have wanted for nothing. I have more now than I did when i was working :). I have so many clothes I would not have to wear the same thing for months. I do have this practice every 2 - 3 months I bag up clothes and shoes and donate them to a either someone i know, charity or donation boxes. If someone comes to my house and ask for something I don't have a problem parting with it. I try not to hang on to the "one day" clothing. You know the one day I'll fit this again. They are the first to do. My clutter is clothes and books. It's only been reccently that I've been able to let go of my books. My Kingdom library is my most valued possession but I realize that even some of those I can let go of to help someone else.

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