Understand Life: Quality Over Quantity

What is life? It is a really basic question yet something that is truly hard to define. For everyone, life holds different meanings, and everyone has a different, unique way of living their lives to the fullest. Yet no matter what you try to do with your life, it’s always good to remember that it will not last forever, and what is really important is to focus on what matters the most.

Love and Respect Your Life

          Everyone starts off his or her lives with a clean slate. And of course, everyone wants to live a life that is worth remembering, something to be proud of. Like a child that you must take care of, you must nurture and care for your life with the kind of love and respect that it deserves. Make wise decisions and lead your life into the path of happiness and fulfillment. We must remember that our lives on this earth are not meant to last forever, and we must all make the most of our time here. Take care of yourself: your physical, spiritual, and emotional self. Find balance in the things you do. Enjoy what life as to offer. You want to live a good life, until such time that you must move on to the next life.

Life is Book of Memories

            Life is like a logbook of events, memories, past occurrences – all of which are yours. Each page represents a day in your life, a story, a chronicling of the things you’ve seen, heard, said, or done. Think of it this way: at the end of your earthly journey, this book will be opened, and your story will be read for all to hear. And your life will be evaluated not by the length of it but by the value of the kind of life you have lived.

          Treasure your time on earth and treat it lovingly and respectfully. Live to the best of your ability, and live it good. Your time on earth is not forever and if you don’t make the most of it, it will run out on you.

Life Is Not All About the Material Things

            In our world, success is easily gauged by the things you own, your social standing, the jobs you hold, and how much money you make. There is nothing wrong with reaching for the stars and wanting the best of what the world can offer. It’s only important, however, to remember that life isn’t all about these material possessions.


Some Food for Thought

  • We do have to achieve certain things in our lives, but we must also pay attention to how we get there.
  • The journey is just as important, if not more important, as the destination.
  • Your life is your own; live it as you want to live it and be proud of it. Honor the gift of life.
  • Honor Him by taking care of the life he has given you.
  • There is more to life than acquiring and having material things. Find that which makes life more meaningful for you.
  • What’s important is not how long you lived but how well you lived.



Written by Carl Mathis author of Life is what you make it – seven steps to moving forward. For more from Carl go to http://www.carlmathis.com


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