Friendship is EMPATHY and not SYMPATHY. Sympathy feels the pain of his friend and shares it while Empathy feels the pain of his friend and bears it. Sympathy will always talk about the pain of his friend while Empathy will always do something about the pain of his friend. Refuse to accept sympathizers as friends but welcome empathizers into your life for they will get you to your successful end in life. Understand that friendship should be like a relationship that exists between your two eyes. Your two eyes blink together, cry together, see things together and sleep together, even though they never see each other. Life without an empathizer as a friend is like Hell. Friend, I want to send you my latest FREE book  titled: REHAB THE HARLOT- MY MISTAKE, MY MESSAGE. This book will guide you on how to build a belief system that wins and also how to turn mistakes into victory & access your asset in life. If you have ever made a mistake in life and you want to take what you have miss took and make a message out of it, this book is must read for you. Email me for your free copy:


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