Understanding the Spiritual Focus of the Five-Fold Ministry is key to working together.

Within my short 30+ years of working with pastors in the development of prophetic people. Activating their Gifts and Calling I have learned a few things that I can share. The Five-fold ministry has five main focus'.

The Apostles: Govern

The Prophets: Guide

The Evangelist: Gather

The Pastors: Guard

The Teachers: Ground

I am usually ask to come in by the Pastor of a ministry to fix a prophetic problem.  Very few will call you in until something is out of control. Now to just minister and preach anyone can do that. But a true Prophet is a fixer. His job is usally to reset things back in order. Like when the church becomes filled with too many young and unlearned prophetic people, Young Seer,  just starting to see things, some are newly filled saints and other have been Spirit-filled for years, yet just unlearned in how to flow in the local church productively.


Most Pastors don't know that its their job to set the prophetic protocl of the house, So I come in with Apostlic administration, instructing the house in how to govern the flow of the prophetic, each house is diffence. The basic way to start is to set up a presbytary team that allows them to flow within a group ministering to the people prophetically in a private set aside area. In this presbytary area they can learn and grow, havng opportunity to see and judge one anothers prophecys.

Also tape the prophecy so that they can be farther judged later, and to build a record of who's words are coming to past. This is very important, you don't want to continue to hit and miss without correcting them pravitely.

As the accuray increases the people will one a copy of their prophecys, this is a great fund raising tool for the ministry

not many ministries have a build in fund rasier. But the prophetic does.

The truly gifted ones will rise to the top in about eight to twelve mouths. Then from that group a sanctary team is picked and developed, This team has moved from basic prophesy to a revelatory level. The revelation gifrs (word of knowledge, word of wisdom and discernment of spirits) are maturing, then they are tought how to flow in wisdom within a church body. This sanctary growth will take at least a two year development. Time and commentment is very important. This is not a one-hit- wonder game we are playing. Therefore I ask the Pastors to pick the team he wants developed. It doen't have to be the most gifted ones but the most faithful one. The ones that have a heart for the vision of the ministry.

Gifts can and will be developed, so we are not looking for the most gifted but the most faithul.  The next level of training is Prophetic Evangelism which is true church growth.  Unfortunely most churches never reach this level, not enough patience & time is put into their people.


We have developed a false look at growth within the church. We see the one-hit-wonder TV ministries, 15 to 30 min. messages with large groups of undeveloped people. People can be tought to carry our bags, sing, & shout or given orders to stand an sit, but to move in the anointing it takes time an commitment.

People want more we just have to stand for more and deliever more!

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