There is an expanse of time in everyone's life, where it appears that everything one has prayed for, praised for, and believed God for is suspended in time. There appears to be no movement of the "ruwach", or breath of life of God, no answers from the "burning bush", the "mouth of the jackass", the "still small voice", or any other sound from heaven.This space of time is called a "divine hesitation" or a "prophetic semicolon", because the "sentence" is in midair, but it is destined to be properly and effectively completed. It is that time in the processing of the Lord to bring one to the fulfillment of His predestined will, and the expected end of the believer, known as "UNTIL"! Until is "first cousin" to "SELAH" (pause and think on this), but the difference is that one has a choice to submit to "SELAH" or to bypass it, and miss it's glory, but "UNTIL" is governed by God, and there's no accelerating, decelerating, or stopping the process once the Lord has initiated it. "UNTIL" is that period in time when you have the opportunity and the leisure (you may as well allow patience to have her perfect "work" in you, and use the time for self-examination, because you're going to remain there, UNTIL.....) to "consider the matter", lay upon your bed and meditate upon the Lord,to "cogitate", marvel at all that He has created, count your blessings and name them one by one, be in awe over the innumerable stars in the firmament, and, imagine the number of the grains of sand! "UNTIL" is a spiritual "recess" when ministry may be on pause, and you may not be allowed to, or have the opportunity to preach or even recite the "Lord's Prayer" for many moons, even though you've been released to "go forth" for many a year, even while "novices" who're not living a "nickle's worth of dog meat" have free run and extreme "freedom of speech" and activity ,in the same Church you've labored in since it was a thought in the visionary's mind. UNTIL is that season when, sometimes, you wonder if you're even still "saved", and if the light of Christ is still shining on the inside of you! UNTIL is when you've started a new ministry or started pastoring a new Church, and in spite of all of your canvassing the community, your "Friends and Family Day" celebrations, "Back to School Outreach Activities" and Family Clothing, Food,and School Suupplies Drives, you still have the same faithful seven members you had the day you first opened your doors, and all of them ride back and forth to church with you, because you all live in the same house, and no matter how supportive you are to surrounding ministries in their various Conferences, Anniversaries, Fund raisers and such, nobody ever shows up to support you! UNTIL is that moment in time, when you've preached what God said to preach, under the unction of the Holy Ghost, only to be rebuked and silenced by your leaders, and mocked and ridiculed by your "peers"! UNTIL is when you have stepped out on faith and given up a 20.00-40.00/hr job to serve God full-time, and live off of the "ministry", and even invest all of your savings, equity, and cash in all of your bonds to keep the ministry afloat, only now , you're forced to live in a cramped "apartment", the "power" is off more than it's on, and you have to thank God for "food stamps" AND ANY OTHER CHARITABLE DONATIONS, and everything in your house, closet, and garage is as old and worn as dirt! UNTIL is that portion of life when just as the evangelistic field begInS to open up to you, and "Macedonia cries" are plentiful, only to have you receive a report that you have terminal cancer and will need extensive treatments, that will most likely debilitate you, or when that grandbaby you've yearned for for so long, finally arrives, steals your heart and causes your heart to soul with pride and joy, only to have to bury it before it even begins to say "Grampy" or "Granny" good! UNTIL is also a space in your lfie, when you have to guard your ears, your heart, mind, and the anointing, because your spirit is so dry and your soul is so thirsty that you are very vulnerable, and a prime candiate for "lying prophets", false doctrine, charlatans, flatterers, seducing spirits, and other "lying wonders"! UNTIL can be like solitary confinement in a penitentiary, bcause you're sensory deprived, and there's very little "human contact", fellowship, or socialization allowed, because you don't know who to trust,or if you can trust anybody! Because you are so "cut off" and deprived, any show of "kindness", "interest", "sympathy", or affirmation can open the door for you to enter into an ungodly soul tie or allegiance with agents from the adversary. The blessing is, that like "trouble", UNTIL, doesn't last always, but this is determined by "IF"! "IF" you be willing and obedient, you will eat the fat of the land, "If my people who are called by my Name, will humble themselves and pray......., "If you seek the Lord with your whole heart......, "If you submit to God, and resist the devil......, "If you do all that My Word commands........! The reason we wind up doing "overtime' in a lot of our tribulations and processings, is because we neglect the "fine print" that holds the key to a smooth, uninterrupted process, that discloses the reciprocity of being in Covenant with God, that "when we do THIS, THEN, HE will do THAT!", and it's always non-negotiatable. When one is in a season of "UNTIL", they must be mindful to frequently adjust their "posture" to make sure they're giving God exactly what He wants and requires, when, and how He wants it, to keep the process rolling right along. One of the major secrets to enduring (while coming out intact), and exiting UNTIL, is maintaining a posture of humbleness, brokeness, unhindered praise, adoration, nd worship, and a cry that says "Yea though,He slay me, yet will I serve Him, yet will I praise Him, and yet, will I exalt Him above everything that I know!" The CHAINBREAKER for "UNTIL" is "MY SOUL STILL SAYS "YES"LORD"! Once one has synchronized their surrender and obedience with the absolute pulse, and heartbeat of God, UNTIL becomes no more traumatic, or overwhelming than standing in the supermarket check-out line, because you know that the line has to keep moving and it's just a matter of time before you hear the words "NEXT", and you can check out of the UNTIL line, because you've PAID with due dilignce, and you now have a right to be heard and respected!

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Comment by Prophetess Yolanda O. Irons on July 21, 2009 at 6:13pm
This was definitely a word from on high! May God continue to use you for His glory ...!
Comment by Prophetess Christie Williams on July 21, 2009 at 5:02pm
Wow!!!!! Wow!!!! Wow!!!!!!! My Mom is in Chicago this week, I wish I was because i would love to come to your church!!!! Lord continue to pour into this vessel!

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