Waging War on October 31 (Halloween) every year

Praise God He is good all the time.

Saints, we don't celebrate Halloween because we know it to be a sin against God. However, the world has embraced this holiday. I purpose we Gentile and Jew be a witness on this sin day. Sin means to go astray, getting off track. God had a plan before creation called change your mind and I forgive you. So saints can we exercise a little forgiveness on Oct 31. I would ask that you open your doors and give a treat of forgiveness and a lesson on how this offends our farther. Saints if you participate I would encourage you to tell them the candy or whatever you deem as an earthly gift. Is given out of love and invite them out to your place of worship. This is a day were the sinners come knocking on your door. Praise God!!!!


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