When we say we walk by "Faith And Not By Sight" do we really mean that? If we saw the path that God has prepared for us, how many of would keep going?

We walk by faith, does not mean we are walking into good times and good things all the time. Sometimes bad things happen in your walk do you stop or do you keep going?

I lost my apartment, I lost my car, I lost my family, friends, I lost everything, I was down to just the clothes on my back and a bag, I kept walking, the roads was narrow, I felt I was standing in quicksand and I was sinking, I kept walking, It felt as though a volcano was rushing down behind me and there was nowhere to run I kept walking.
I Read Mark 10:29 -30.

In my walk of faith in the hard times, family and friends told me to give up my walk, giving up my walk by faith would have been giving up on "God", I kept walking.

I thank God for chosing me to Walk By Faith And Not By Sight.

My walk by Faith was believing in Matthews 8-24-26.

Continue your walk by faith and not by sight eventhough the roads seems narrow.

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