In today's society we are busy with our everyday lives. We are working, parenting, working on your marriages or other relationships some of us are running business'. We remember to gives thanks to the Lord, attend service and witness to those we meet in our daily routines. But do we really realize how serious the war is, that is raging around us? We in the body or Christ must be aware that even as we are depending on the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit there is another BODY that is getting their guidance and directions from another spirit. I personally had a wake up call a few days ago when a friend of mine Evangelist Holzendorf sent me an email that contained a SERMON that was presented to such a body of believers. The message contained in this sermnon should be a wake up call to the Body of Christ because they are walking among us, working in our communities, teaching our children etc. and they have been told to work thier rituals and curses every where even in the work place. The sermon it self contains some very graphic language but it is time that we pull our heads out of the sand and take the authority that has been given to us and put a halt to the actions of the enemy because his workers are diffently planning to put a halt to ours. I will add a link here so those who want to read this sermon can. In order to open the link highlight, right click and then click search with yahoo for the site and it will take you to the page be sure to hightlight it first before you right click, here is the link:

Click here: Spiritual Warfare Tactics and Stategies

Our enemy is running rampant in our country as well as the world right now. Things that we are taking for granted and considering status quo could be and are by design. Remember it is illegal for a spirit to operate in the earth realm it must have a body. Just as the Holy Spirit operates through us, the spirits of evil also operates through people some knowingly and others unknowly.
For an indepth look at the effects of the Spiritual realm on our everyday lives pick up a copy of my new book Engaging the Sons of Darkness. It can be purchased from any online bookstore, your local bookstore or from

I have set watchmen upon thy walls, O Jerusalem which shall never hold thier peace day nor night: ye that make mention of the Lord keep not silence. Isaiah 62: 6

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Comment by Evelyn Blacksher on August 14, 2009 at 1:48pm
Grace and peace fellow warrior,bless you for continuing to sound the alarm.
i am unable to open/go to the link [highlight,right click]

more than conquering in HIS name

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