FATHER GOD, in the Name of Jesus Christ, we command fire to come down and destroy every spirit of backwardness programmed in our life, in the Name of Jesus Christ according to Numbers 11:1.

Lord my God, release the wisdom to uncover and locate every doorway that the enemy uses to infiltrate, to form, and to enforce these barriers of backwardness, causing stagnation, missed opportunities, procrastination, & poverty in our lives in the Name of Jesus the Christ.
God destroy with fire every barrier that has been planted within our mindset through patterns, and belief systems that is stopping and blocking us from getting an education, getting a degree, getting licensed, getting or setting appointments, and perusing (overlooking) opportunities in the Name of Jesus according to Deuteronomy 4:24. We release the judgement of God against every python spirit that has networked with fear, rejection, and arrested development to form a 3-fold cord of restraint on our lives in the Name of Jesus Christ according to Psalm 6:10.

Father God, grip up and destroy every shackle caused by the sins of the father in the Name of Jesus according to Lev. 26:40-42, Job. 24:19.

Father God, we repent for our sins and the sins of our forefathers that have opened up the doors caused by the curse of illegitimacy in the Name of Jesus the Christ.

For if we confess our sins you are faithful and just to forgive us and the blood of Jesus Christ will cleanse us from all unrighteousness. God, destroy every shackle and chain formed by curses, incantations, candle burning, ju ju’s, hoodoo, voodoo, homemade witchcraft, grave yard curses, return all these works to the sender. O Lord my God, destroy every barrier with your holy fire in the Name of Jesus according to Acts 19:19; Jer. 51:58, & Job 37:7.

O God, let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end; but establish the just, for you My righteous God try the hearts and reins of your people.

We bind up every strongman that enforces every type, level and form of barriers, collars, leashes, ropes, shackles, chains, and yokes of backwardness, delay, & stagnation. Satan, WE COMMAND your goods to be spoiled in the Mighty Name of Jesus the Christ ~ according to Mark 3:27.

We take the finger of Almighty God to locate and cast out every principality and power, and every demon that is assigned to enforce these satanic walls, shackles, and yokes over our lives in the Name of Jesus according to Luke 11:20-22.

We ask the Hand of God to remove them out of their position and power according to 1 Peter 3:22, & Job 37:5-8.

I plead the blood of Jesus over every yoke and shackle caused by ancestral debt collectors in the Name of Jesus (Luke 11:20-22, Mark 3:27).

God our Father, we take the keys of the kingdom, that whatever we loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven ~ we loose ourselves from every shackle, fetter, & chain in Jesus Name. (Matt 18:18).

God destroy with fire every 3-fold cord of backwardness that has been programmed in my life and the life of my loved ones in the Name of Jesus (Judges 16:3).

Lord my Father, rip up every contract made by my ancestors that is planted in the heavenlies that acts as a barrier, yoke, and dog collar to hinder and stagnate every area of my life and the lives of my loved ones in the Name of Jesus (2 Cor. 10:4). I decree we are covered in the blood of Jesus.

God destroy every soul tie and blood line connection with every person living or dead that has made a pact or contract through witchcraft over our lives and the lives of our descendants going back to 70 generations and going forward 3-4 generations in the Name of Jesus.

Destroy with your holy fire, Lord my God, every family dedication made to satan in the Name of Jesus according to Gen. 19:24, 27.

For the Lord God shall fight for me ~ as I speak to every situation that has been held up and stagnated by satanic forces. I release heavenly judgement against every demonic activity assigned against my life in the Name of Jesus. I COMMAND immediate destruction against every contract which has not been validated by the Lord Jesus Christ who is my intercessor and my defense! God my Father, I ask you to put in my spirit, body, soul, mind and emotions the drive to go forward with God and the Word of God to make a way out of no way for me to break through in faith regardless of the circumstances and/or how bad it looks according to 2 Kings 4:25.

Lord my Father, as I go forward declaring your Word ~ I shall run into intended blessings, kingly favors, promotions, approvals, overgenerous preferential treatment, gifts, awards, recognitions, talented brilliant highly-skilled aides/help, grants, unexplainable pardons, support, awe-inspiring advancements, approvals, ridiculous acts of kindness, plentiful rewards, favorable judgements, instant cancellation of debts, maximum benefits, extended courtesies, exceptional service, zealous assistance, devoted confidants, dedicated friendships, committed suppliers, enthusiastic promoters of my destiny, fanatical prayer warriors, considerable advantages, surprising considerations, masterful reinforcements, & happy returns ~ all assigned to meet me on my journey!

Spirit of God, THANK YOU for guiding and directing me to follow after and to fulfill the will of God in my life in Jesus Name. Thank you God for aligning me perfectly to your will and your desire for my life and allowing me the grace to do what you created me to do. I praise you for my deliverance, my freedom to walk in faith as you contend with my enemies, my clean heart, my new wineskin prepared for the infilling of yourself in full power~a vessel now fit for your good work, & for imparting to me the diligence to do your will.

Lord God my Father, THANK YOU for Jesus. Thank you for walls falling down flat, for shackles being ripped from my life, for Your Peace that always sustain me. Thank you for yokes being destroyed because of the anointing. Thank you that weapons formed against me no longer prosper.

I bless Your Holy Name my God and King! For You have all Power in heaven and earth! I thank you for the turn-around in my life, in the Name of Jesus! You preserve the faithful, and plentifully reward the proud doer of Your Word. You give strength to the weak, and You are HOPE to the hopeless! Thank you, for I shall have the courage to do Your assignment with your grace and the help of Your Holy Spirit. Amen. Amen.

Some excerpts from the book “Blitzkrieg - The Art of War in the Spirit.”

God bless you as you speak your world into existence! You are a true king of God in every sense of the word! Walk in it! It is your inheritance in Christ Jesus our Lord. You have been given lordship in the earth as a representative of our Heavenly Father. You were created to create! I love you!

Vanessa Anne Gray
Kingdom Ambassador

April 10, 2010
5:55 a.m.

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