Warning(s) comes before Exposure (Destruction)

He's the Alpha & Omega, the beginning & the end...bottomline. For in the word of God he says there is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed..theres nothing new under the sun that the SON does not already see & know. People can lie to others, and yes, even hide but u can't lie & hide but for so long... the Lord is Omnipresent...It's past time to get right, least you be exposed and all of ur nakedness will show & others will see. He sends warning & strive w/us for a time & then he steps back & allows Satan to wreck havoc...If you dont' believe, then keep doing the secret things, lieing, cheating, robbing him, gossiping, manipulating...he's knocking, it's not a solicitor, its the King of King...he's asking you to change your ways...he's sending a message and no message could be any clearer than the signs/wonders hes showing...wake up while its time...he will not keep warning.

People in leadership positions sitting right in the church, disobedient, rebellious, lie, beat & cheat, not leading by example...Things messed up and they blame the devil, but I say to you, it is not Satan, well, it's the inner demons (within).  These things are being blamed on satan that he has nothing to do with and we know this by the way things are going in their personal lives...the word tells us to consider your ways, consider how things are going for you...LET ME REPEAT..IT IS NOT THE DEVIL IT IS YOUR WAYS, THE CHOICES THAT YOU ARE MAKING...the word is not a lie.

Many have fallen short, deceiving themselves, thinking and telling themselves they are ok, the devil is mad at tthem, but its a sad thing for one to deceive themselves...GOD IS NOT PLEASED.

Pastors being taken forgranted, misused, dogged out, disrespected...and these are Pastors after God's own heart...those who give their last, those who lay down their life for the sheep/work, those who pray and labor in the vineyard, those who are constantly before God for a fresh word from the Lord for the body...GOD IS NOT PLEASED...and there will come a visitation STRAIGHT FROM THE LORD....AND IT'S A DANGEROUS THING TO FALL INTO THE HANDS OF AN ANGRY GOD...AGAIN, IF U DONT BELIEVE KEEP LIVING AND WATCHING.

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