Matthew 25:31-46

You know there are so many people who have set out on the Christian pathway who have stumbled and fell and appear to have gone unnoticed. I believe we have a responsibility to bring in new souls but that we also have a responsibility to keep souls in.

So often one comes to Christ and once they are in there is no guidance but I truly believe God is grieving at the souls who are falling by the wayside. We as Christians have a responsibility to encourage and uplift each other we need to really become our brother's keeper.

The fact is most saints don’t even know the first names of the other saints in their own churches, which is probably why so many have fall by the wayside. When trouble comes we need to stand together but if you saints don’t know each other how will you know when your sisters or brothers are in trouble.

As Christians we seem to be all about self and no one else, but Jesus said when I was sick and in prison you never visited me when I was hunger you never fed me when I was naked you never, clothed me.

How much do you know about your brothers and sister, do you know their name, could you find them if they were taken to hospital, do you know where they live, do you know if they have food to eat, do you know if why they were not at church today.

Saints think about it if you don't take time to know your brothers and sisters in Christ how will you know when Jesus is sick, in prison, hunger or naked. Remember when you do for your brothers and sisters you do for Jesus.

Written By Angela Loundes copyright December 2009

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