In our travels as you may imagine we meet a lot of people that are in ministry and many for whatever reason, get a little down in the dumps. There is a solution for things, but we all need to put our best foot forward.

To my understanding this is how God works: Those that we forgive are forgiven. Those that we the body of Christ give mercy receive mercy, but then also the body of Christ receives mercy. So............. if we want to turn things around then we need to show more mercy.

Things that are really not acts of mercy:
  • Teaching
  • Preaching
  • Building buildings called churches.
Examples of Acts of Mercy:

  • Reach out and at least be friendly and hopefully love others.
  • Do something to help end starvation. Do you realize that almost 40,000 people per day starve to death** This is important because the body of Christ has all power and authority in heaven and earth in Jesus absence. However this takes standing together in the body to end starvation. It is the same with homelessness. WE can solve the problem if we have the heart to solve the problem. Everyone is called to be ministers. We all are called to be ambassadors for Christ and a royal priesthood. These are positions power, but one must learn how to walk in faith.
If we want to turn things around and we really should, then we have to learn to do things differently. Insanity is to continue to do the same things and expect different results.

The people here are enough to reach globally, to reach out and forgive. To reach out and have mercy. Why should we do it? So God will have mercy on us and our families. One either believes it or doesn't, but if you don't believe it, then it does not make you a great believer?

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