Kingdomgreetings, what is your Foundation? what have you built your faith on? What is you foundation ,because there is a move of GOD in the earth ,its called the APOSTLIC REFORMATION MOVE OF GOD, the bible says in ACTS 2:42, and they countinued steadfastly (focused) in the APOSTLE'S DOCTRINE (teaching) and fellowshiping,in breaking of bread,and in prayer. Are you really following in the doctrine of the Apostle's,the teaching of the Apostle's?
Is your foundation built on your gifts and your talents,is it bulided on your evangelists,is it builded on pastors,or is it builded on teachers? If it is I'm here to make you understand, that is not accurate, scripture also says, in Ephesians 2:19 NOW THEREFORE YE ARE NO MORE STRANGERS AN FOREIGNERS,BUT FELLOWCITZENS WITH THE SAINTS, AND OF THE HOUSEHOLD OF GOD ,now watch this,this is a key verse ,verse 20 says AND ARE BUILDED ON THE (FOUNDATION) OF THE APOSTLES,AND PROPHETS,JESUS CHRIST BEING THE CHIEF CORNER STONE:
I personalIy believe that we are seeking the opposite of what the bible says for us to do, and that is according to mattew 6:33 where it says but seek the ye first the kingdom of GOD,and his righteousness (right way of doin things), and all these things shall be added unto you. We are seekin title's, awards, acalades,and a pat on the back but not the KINGDOM not the system of the KINGDOM.

Prophet A.D. Stokes

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