Am I the only one watching and observing! My brothers and sisters are eating at the buffet table of greed, unforgiveness, lust and jealousy. I cannot say it is a table with samples or crumbs because it is a table of much from the enemy. He invites you to your favorites. Many have chosen to feed from the table of the enemy instead of being feed by Jesus. The inner me is drawn to, "what I am use to" rather than "what is NEW." Please join me in prayer for those who have been eating from the wrong table to sit at the feet of Jesus and dine with Him. There you will find everlasting peace, unspeakable joy and forgiveness. If we could understand that He is first, Matthew 6:33, and all things shall come forth. And that God shall supply our every need, then we are fed well. Let us not settle for second or thirds, but continue to seek the BEST and that is Jesus Christ. Woe to those who lift up the enemy by eating at his table. Blessed are those who are fed righteousness and holiness from Almighty God, God bless you my brothers and sisters everywhere.

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