What You Will Do When You Come To Africa (LIBERIA)

There are many ways you can serve on the mission field in Africa. When you answered this call it will be wonderful and life fulfilling. It will give you a new story to talk about and a testimony to share. It will give you a inner peace and redeem your soul.

The African church seeks opportunities to impart their world for Jesus Christ. The men and women power in Africa is sufficient and the servants of God are always available to do his work. However, the resources are a limited and training is somewhat expensive for the local pastors and churches that you will serve and work alongside when you are in Africa.


1. Crusades and Revivals

There is the need to reach more people for the Kingdom of God. Many people in Africa respond to mass crusades and revival. If you are an evangelistic speaker or pastor this is an opportunity for you to serve. Jesus has commanded his disciples to reach the world and impart it. Are you that brother or sister that God has burden to do so. Please answer that call today because tomorrow may be too late.

2. Pastoral Training and Seminar

Many pastors and Christian leaders cannot afford the high tuitions and fees for colleges and seminaries that are foreign or USA based operation in Africa. They rely on training acquire through leadership trainings and seminars offer by mission teams from the USA and other western countries. If you are a pastor who love to train others, a teacher or mission team leader, a missionary or evangelist you are needed.

Training is needed in all areas of the Christian life and ministry. Training is needed in the areas children ministry and counseling. Training is needed for church planters, pastoral ministry and pastoral care.

3. Church Planting and Mission

Missionaries, Christian Leaders and Volunteers are needed for the planning of new churches in villages and towns where there no true Christian churches. Planting a new church is hard but exciting and rewarding. Work with local pastors and church leaders to begin a new church for the Kingdom of our God.
In missions you can help finance the construction of a new church. You can provide a tent to be use as a new church in church planning environment. If you are mission construction teams that does buildings construction you can help build a church for a community or struggling church as you partner with them in mission.

4. Partner with an orphanage and Adopt an orphanage

There are many orphanages around the world, Liberia is not an exception. The need to support to orphans and care for the widows is a call of Christ. Many orphanages in Liberia, one of which we support have the greatest need of feeding the children. Sometimes these children go without food or clean drinking water.

Are you that person or church and ministry that God is speaking to to partner with an orphanage or adopt it please do so now. These children are praying with their leaders that some will answer their call.

The day to day feeding of these orphans many times seem very difficult since many of them operate without partners or sponsors. Don’t just sponsor a child but feed an orphanage. They children love to eat together. There is a big smile on their faces when they know that every child have a bowl of food.

You may not have all the money or resources need in the feeding program but little is much when God is in it. Send your support directly to the people you want to help and not through a fundraising agency that will subtract from your generous donation for the services the render for the orphanages in Africa.

Visit a orphanage or volunteer and see how these mothers are depending on God and stretching their faith to see God in action. See the care they give. Brothers and Sisters in Christ “When You Rescue a Child, You will Raised a Leader and When you Raised a Leader You will be Building A Nation and a new generation for the kingdom of God .

To Serve in Liberia

Rev, Mother Janet Campbell Tarpeh

Send your donation for Orphans to

Sure and Firm Foundation
P. O. Box 16837
Philadelphia, PA. 19142

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