What's wrong with the Diva First Lady in the church?

I have seen some things when it comes down to the first lady issues in the church. Some First Lady’s has issues with invalidity in the marriage they are not secure in there marriage at all those woman can completely mistreat there members for no reason at all. And what does the Pastor do nothing at all. He will say Oh you will be talked about everywhere u go. Oh’ God will punish u because she’s God servant! Its not true I study the word & hit here hard with the word of God. The Pastor even said the Devil comes to church his wife & THE Pastor even prayed a spiritual warfare prayer against me. I was very weak @ the time. I left church nervous & shaken up and cried all the way home… So I said ok let me start fasting & praying has watched these so called leaders that in man made titles. These ppl have even been gettn sick & I watched them one of the Leaders asked God please don’t let me use my title for evil! We all have to be held accountable for the things that we do. I’ve even been spiritually abused from with in church pulpit. Me & the First lady had our issues with each other (We had forgiven each other personally) next thing I noe the Preacher comes to church preaching about what we went thru even called me so called names A Guest church Pastor grabbed me by the hand and said I don’t care what they say about U! and she started praying for me!. I was so hurt I cried out with this woman that held my hand it was very painful to see these ppl abuse me in this way the Pastor took there sides & everything. I am a God fearing Woman I started attending prayer (@ another church!)the Mothers of the church Who comforted me as I cried out to God! I have been gossiped about really bad by the so called first lady. These women have turned more into Diva’s in the church. They are no longer God fearing Woman of God @all @all @all! I can truly say that these woman come to church with tite tite skirts on All I say to myself is what wow! They exalt themselves so High! They focus more on themselves than God! They left selves up so high until it’s crazy! They come to church late because they are to busy hiding there marital issues behind the clothes! This is what I have witnesses with my own two personal eyes. They called a meeting without me being informed that one would take place This was done purposely so I wouldn’t be able to have(a evil plot against me) a witness for myself they never let me bring in a witness Oh’ by the way they even threatened to kick me out of the church as well! I was told this by the Holy Elders Pastors etc!!!They told me not to ever contact (by phone text email the FL ever again! Only if its something encouraging/So that’s what I did I only was only allowed to talk to the Diva (FL)@church! So this is my story a diary of a MADD FL!

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