Back 16 months ago I returned from the US, my elderly mother, she is 86 needs my time and I gave it. It was challenging for me becasue im focused and passionate about my purpose and like to make each day count. What hit me was the fact that my day was re-arraanged not so much around my passion but around my duty.

When duty makes a demand on your life that puts a stop to temporarily stop to mission what do you do? A loved one goes sick an elderly mother no longer looks after herself. A family member needs you right now what do you do?

There are times in our lives when duty must take the place of passion. My example is a perhaps a small thing. We can get so called up in our passion of being online building our ministry doing our thing and forget we have a duty to our families. Husbands your married to your wife, not the church. Wives you are maried to your husband not the pulpit. Maybe just maybe when we get back to our duty our passion can be rekindled because we have things set in order and the right priority.

God is back in our ministry because our wives are back into our lives.
The fire is back in our marriage because responsibility is back in our relationships.
The freedom is back in our churches because the control is not longer from the pulpit.

Yes if I can find my duty God can get back into my ministry after all its his anyway, but the mariage is mine!


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