My beloved brethren The SPIRIT OF THE LORD has been strong upon me in the last two months.
He has been speaking to me expressly about,
1. The change of seasons. The shift in the heavenlies significantly birthing the True Church of Jesus Christ into a dimension of power not experienced in the recent past. To those ministers who have desired for long to move in the supernatural dimension, the season is here.!!
This power dimension will result in God swiftly judging the witches, sorcerers and those who peddle the gospel selfishly for material gain, false and defeated ministers who are always fighting Gods Mandate in His Chosen vessels will not survive this purging.
2. I speak prophetically to unpurged vessels who carry a holy assignment, it is time to clean house. We are in the season of the manifestation of His glory. Before the fullness of His glory fills the House, there's a purging wind blowing. MALACHI 3. God is dealing with the filth in the church.
Many things that you have stuck to in the previous dimensions cannot be carried along to this wave of Glory.
God is calling out in love to you today, what He is ushering you into is mind blowing! No ear has heard, eye seen neither has it entered into mans heart, But are willing to pay the price of consecration.
There is only one access to the next dimension HOLINESS, HOLINESS, HOLINESS
Am praying for you !

Apostle Joe Butali

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Comment by Prophetess Dr. Teloria Williams on October 10, 2010 at 11:58pm
Praise Him my brother! God has been revealing things to me.
1) bring church to order 2) sweep through the church 3) unveiling secret sins 4) undergirding the righteous
5) power to the saints I am in total confirmation with you we must pray,pray,pray

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