When you can see through your breakthrough, when you can see through to the end, when you can see through to the other side, hold on to that sight. Hold on to what you can see. Believe in that view. That view comes from ME. That view will get you through while you’re going through.
There are giants in the land. The wind is boisterous. The hills are full of chariots. But what I promised is also there. Let go of all your fears (By keeping your eyes on the prize).
If you’re struggling with what I’m saying right now, that means the giants have you. The chariots of men surround you. The boisterous winds have your sight and you will sink. I need you to keep the Eternal view and the Eternal sight before you. Then I can cause what’s not, to be what really is. I can cause those things that are not, as though they are. I know it can be hard seeing through the debris. But when you can it’s a beautiful picture, it’s a beautiful end. I show you the end at the beginning. Sometimes people get too caught up in the beginning, and can’t see there’s an end in sight. How do you want this to end? It’s how you see at the on-sight, the beginning.
How can I see correctly? Believe in your heart what I have said.Your heart gives you the correct view out of how you believe. Sometimes you’ve heard, “Don’t take that to your heart” or “Take that to heart” or “It’s from the heart.” Emphasizing the importance of it, or the validity of it or its incredibility. Please take this to your heart. I will do for you all that I’ve said to you. There will be increase in every area of your life, before I return for you.
I am not a man that I should lie. I Am with you; and have gone before you. I am your Abrahams, your Isaacs, your Jacobs, your David’s I am your Moses. I am Jesus, the only one, your ultimate deliverer. Trust in ME.
Scriptures to study: 12 spies Numbers 13:21-29, 33; Elijah’s servant II Kings 6:12-17;
What do you see? Jeremiah chapter 1; Believe in your heart Mark 11:22-25;
Prophetic word given Sunday December 20, 2009
By Apostle Beverly Smith
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My grand daughter wrote this poem about the message and prophecy. Poem by D'nea Glasper

The Beginning of the End
When you search thru your breakthrough and grab hold to the end
After your eyes are set on the other side, You will have strength within
You must believe in that view, believe in all your heart
Know it’s not you battling; I had you from the start
As you reach it comes closer now you see no more troubles
That little taste of glory keeps you full while gliding past many struggles
Keeping your eyes on the prize and doing it God’s way
Boisterous winds, giants, and hills to climb become only child’s play
Hazy visions cause you to live in an illusion and not face reality
God’s picture of the end will spring you where you ought to be
You murmur and complain, but yet you fear and rely on you
How do you expect to run if your feet never move?
Never take my promise for granted, never should you try
All things are in my hands. I am not a man that I should lie
So why do you just sit and doubt and focus on the surrounding debris?

By: D’Nea Glasper
Inspired by the message: When You Can See Through Your Breakthrough
by Apostle Beverly Smith

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