Where's the Revelation or are you just preaching?

Paul said he revelation came not from flesh and blood but by and from the Lord (Gal 1:12).

What you have learned by information has brought you to this point however in order to go where you've never been you must get something new and fresh and powerful by revelation. Here's the key its not revelation until it first throws your theology, ideology and destiny out of sync.

Think of this Jesus came into the world. his doctrine threw the whole Jewish religion out of sync he came to do a new thing. John the baptist baptised when no one knew what baptism was. Peter preached salvation in Jesus name with the evidence of other tongues (Acts 2:38) when no one had knew of the pentecostal salavation message and now here is Paul going some where and God appears to him, shows him who he is and then changes Saul's agenda for the day and gives him a new bonus too, a career change!

So if this challenges you, you're onto something, in fact it's not until you're onto something, that God can't bring you into something. So if what you are now studying for sunday morning church is not shaking you, the chances are it wont shake anyone else either.

If you want to see a revolution, get a revelation. Anything else is just accomodation and tradition. The one thing is this though, you can't get revelation unless he speaks it, cause revelation can't come from study, capability university or your history, it must come from GOD! That's why it takes a revelation for you to know your assignment, and thing else is just ministry!

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