While America sleeps, her Enemy creeps in.. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

As Muslim agenda is to control the world both in Government and Religion, will Americans be forced to submit?

Who will challenge the laws and committed Muslims who will not just die for their belief in Allah (a false god) but will stand against anyone who
opposes the Qu'ran and the false Prophet Mohammad? Is our national
leaders even knowledgeable that the Qu'ran is a falsehood and is not
inspired by the living Holy Spirit of Almighty God? Do they also
understand "How" Muslims go about taking dominion over a town or city?
Is is by enforcing their laws over the laws of a certain nation and
with great success, their movement widely spreads. They come in
peacefully at first with their buying of property of stores and
supermarkets, then they move to schools, then to public office. Then at
last, when they can't get their way by peace, they move toward more of
a violate means. Building bombs and killing the innocent..I have not by
any means made this up. I have done research and I know that as America
fights to keep Almighty God OUT of America, the submission to Allah and
Mohammad soon is to follows. You either submit or be killed.. Sound
extreme? Their Qu'ran speaks that all who are not born Muslim are
considered Infidels and worthy of death. Their Qu'ran speaks against
all Christians and Jews especially. I have video evidence of the Muslim
Movement to dominate the world at large but even when people are
confronted with the truth, they somehow want to go back in their little
peaceful world of livelihood with the mentality that we need to live
and let live while the enemy is slowly creeping in and then it will be
too late.
One day you will wake up and find yourself either being arrested or
having to paying special taxes that as you submit to the authority of
Allah, you will come under their domain.. The Qu'ran speaks that Allah
has NO SON! Pertaining to Jesus Christ.. They do not believe in Him and
by doing so, reject their own souls salvation and atonement. What are
Americans to do? Come back to the God of our Forefathers, the Almighty
God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, The God and Son, Jesus Christ the
Messiah. If Americans fails in doing so, Then they shall be taken over
by their enemies.. Listen to the video and learn that Muslims support
their own in whatever means they go about to take the lives of those
they do not think innocent. Anyone who is not a Muslim is Guilty in
their eyes and it is time we opened ours. We need to hold to the laws
of our own land and stand solely on the Holy Bible the Written WORD of
Almighty God.


Get the message out.. You will find that we not only have Muslim
Extremists but Americans Extremists who stand against the God of Jesus
Christ and will fight you hand and foot all the way to hell flames..

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