Everyone has an opinion and I’ve learned that if you listen to people at ground level, you will receive practical solutions that work! With that being said, I have heard almost every “suggested” Economic Stimulus plan from folks of all walks of life. I’ve listened to Accountants, Lawyers, Investment Advisors and many other high profile professionals. However, I was most intrigued by the Bailout plans offered from school teachers, small grocery store owners and some very creative stay at home moms. Surprisingly, they all made solid arguments and had strong valid points. I wish I could combine their ideas and rush them to our Senators and members of Congress.

Since my thinking is only wishful, I believe it’s safe to say that a Stimulus Plan will be extended to benefit all homeowners and especially homeowners faced with foreclosure. The question is, “How will homeowners qualify for this type of relief?” Will the Government Issue blank checks? Doubt it! Will lenders have homeowners sign blanket agreements? I think not! With Transparency, Relevancy and Accountability being the theme of our new Presidency, homeowners must prepare to qualify for the government assistance needed.

Homeowners faced with foreclosure cannot afford to sit back and wait for “HELP” to knock on their front door. Not if they want to keep the roof over their heads. How should homeowners start preparing? By simply becoming familiar with the workout options available for their specific circumstance. The reality is every foreclosure situation is unique. Every hardship situation, although similar in nature, is very unique. Just ask ten individual homeowners who abruptly lost their jobs and you will hear ten different unique hardships.

Homeowners must be Proactive! At a bare minimum, homeowners will have to complete a hardship package and submit supporting documentation to qualify for foreclosure assistance. Whether this assistance is directly from your lender or the government, you have to meet certain standards.

Homeowners are being declined foreclosure workout options in droves because they’re completing forms improperly. Many homeowners are going overboard to increase their expenses and disqualifying themselves at the same time. Some homeowners are underreporting “outside income” because they didn’t claim the income on their tax returns. Chapter 8 in The Homeowner’s Ultimate Guide to Stopping Foreclosure covers every gamut of The Hardship Package including a sample completed hardship package with borrower financial forms. The valuable tips, sample documentation and pitfalls to avoid being declined will give confidence to every homeowner.

Just think, we all know someone who has applied for government financial assistance but was declined and told they didn’t qualify. That person walked away puzzled because within their soul and by normal standards of living, they’re in dire straits and should meet the criteria! According to the government employee who processed their paperwork, they just don’t meet the requirements. This applicant could have been declined by something unintentional and so minor like not including information or unwittingly including too much information.

Unfortunately, most government employees will never tell the applicant specifically why they were rejected and the applicant remains in the same position they started out in, and that’s “DIRE STRAITS”. Sorry to say, people give up and walk away when they are turned down. This is why there are so many homeowners who could still be in their homes if they only knew their options and how to prepare and apply for assistance.

How can homeowners avoid this same bureaucratic mess from happening to them? Easily! By understanding the rules of the game and being properly prepared.
The Homeowner’s Ultimate Guide to Stopping Foreclosure is by far the best book on the market today to prepare all homeowners. Dubbed the ‘Foreclosure Bible’…no person faced with foreclosure should be without this book. Homeowners will not be blind sided and will avoid the risk of being declined. More importantly, homeowners will know their options and which workout programs they qualify for prior to negotiating with their lenders.

Homeowners can help expedite their loan workout requests by following the steps in
The Homeowner’s Ultimate Guide to Stopping Foreclosure…..What Every Homeowner Should Know, But Is Afraid to Ask! The forms, templates and real life case scenarios are priceless.

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