i went to markapore church to preach the word of GOD in the pastors conference .i went there with our gcgm president and our local church pastor invited the all pastors to conference "Photobucket it was wonderful there morning its started at 11 am mroethen 30 pastors attended there at the time iam the main speaker there first many pastors shared their witness and their work there and church needs sometime .after that i took time to preach the word of GOD > i prepared to preach this form the bible Genesis 24 chapter > 2 v abrahan said to his oldest servent so he went to there to prepare a wife for Isaac

(1) First He did start work with prayers ( 24:12 v ) the servent said " LORD GOD OF MY MASTER ABRAHAM "

(2) He did PRAISE TO GOD (24:25 v) the servent bowed and worshipred the LORD"

(3) He has good witness there (24:31 v) Laban said "sir. YOU ARE WELCOME TO COME IN .

(4) He did importantly (24:33 v) the servant said" i will not eat until i have told you why i came .

(5)"donot make me wait . 56 verse servent said to them LORD has made me trip succesful Now let me go back to my MASTER . i shared this message at pastors conference


they learned this message all pastors so they happy to get this message . after that conference all pastors got good lunch form the local church prepared .


we are planning to do good work there in the markapore area laso we had done foundation stone there for our local church that we Need to do start construct work for local church building they are paying for support form gcgm

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket they are all pastors attended there in conference .they are getting lunch all

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