When you look in the mirror who do you see? Do you recognize the person looking back at you? Are you able to look into the eyes of the reflection staring at you or do you look away? For years I would wake up in the morning preparing for my day, go to the bathroom sink, turn the water on to brush my teeth and wash my face. I know it sounds like everyone else, right? Wrong, because the woman looking back at me was someone I ignored day after day. I would pile on makeup to hopefully hide the person I had grown to loathe. There were times that I couldn't even look into the mirror because I did not like that woman looking at me! I was experiencing something that a lot of "Christians" deal with daily. Looking at ourselves from the standpoint of our experiences. Judging our character by what we did in the past or worst, by what was done to us. God wants you to know right now, where you are, that you are who He says you are. Your past is like a resume ( a sum of your experiences good, bad or ugly), not your birth certificate! It is not who you are, simply what you've done. I could refer you to dozens of scripture passages that will confirm what I am saying to you. But, I'm not going to - why? Because if you have an ear (are at a place where you need to hear from God), His Spirit will move through these words into your heart and mind - you will hear Him. One of the ways the enemy keeps us bound to our past is by keeping it (the past) before our faces. In other words, somebody (even ourselves) or something won't let us forget it. Just when things seem to be working out alright, somebody reminds you of the time when...... And there it goes again, eating away at you, making you feel dirty, unworthy, unlovable, ugly. The devil is a liar!! The days of self-loathing, negative self talk, feelings of worthlessness, low self-esteem, shame and plain 'ol guilt are GONE! Today you will begin to see yourself as God sees you. Today you will look into that mirror and realize that you are a beautiful and precious gift from God - to you. Today you wil lift your head proudly displaying the liberty, forgiveness and grace found in a true relationship with God, through His Son Jesus Christ. TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF THE BEST SEASON OF YOUR LIFE! Romans 8:1. May God Bless & Keep You, Annette Patterson. stayblessed.net

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Comment by Apostle J Y Smith on September 18, 2010 at 11:56pm
praise Elohim from whom all blessings flow.Grace and Peace mighty woman of GOD.You are on target.satan is an accuser of the brethern HE that the SOn sets free is free indeed.our sins are forgiven and cast in the sea of forgiveness to be rememberd nomore. Stay on the wall. you're doing a great work. Shalom JYS

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