you can call on the name of the Lord for help.

Once there was a young man who lived, in a far away land with his father,His father had a lot of riches as far as the eye could see. The young man was a dreamer he always wanted to go see far away lands. One day he went to his fahter and ask him was it okay that went away to see far away lands? His father the loving man that he was said okay. The father said let me give you some riches to keep you until you come back. But the young man said no, I want to make it on my own,So that night the young man took off on his own in to a far far away land. With out the help of his father,Many times in this walk with The Lord we try to make it with out God.Just like the young man found out that you need help from some body. As the young man went along he found out that he had to call for his father, many times we found out that we have to call on our God to help us out of somethings. So the next time you find your self in need of help, Just know that you can call on the name of Jesus for your help.

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