"You Can Fool Others But You Can't Fool God" BY SWORD4THELORD

 "You Can Fool Others But You Can't Fool God"
DAILY DEVOTIONAL:Hebrews 4:13 Nothing in all creation is hidden from God's sight.Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account.SIS/BROS some people right now might be fooling self,mama,daddy, husband, wife,children,pastors,church members,co-workers but know one thing,they can not fool God. SIS/BROS no one "gets away" with evil.Judgement always comes,only the timing is uncertain.When you take your eyes off of Jesus and the right thing to do,you will always fail. Others may not see the adultrey,back stabbing, drugs,false teachings,fornication,gossiping, hypocrite, jealousy, lying, shacking up,stealing,stripping in the strip clubs and using people and so many other things I will not say,oh but God sees all.SIS/BROS the only way one can be delivered from that sin is to have their false expectations destroyed, once and for all.See Jesus drew the false,sinful expectations of the world unto himself and bore them on the cross.Jesus death was the death of all of our false expectations,and therefore his death was the death of sin itself.SIS/BROS sin is offensive to God.We all are accountable for all we do in the sight of God.                                                           
DAILY INSPIRATIONAL:SIS/BROS Our first problem is that our attitude towards sin is more self-centred than God-centred.We are more concerned about our own Victory over sin than we are about the fact that our sin grieve the heart of God.Sin violates the soul.The Bible is clear that our spirit man wages war against our flesh.It is not an abnormal thing.It is a daily thing,but the stronger we all get with God,the easier it is to recognize when our flesh is fighting us.SIS/BROS give all of your personal issues to God.
DAILY PRAYER:Lord today we ask you to please forgive us of anything not pleasing to you.We lay our lives before you Lord. More of you less of us Lord.Remove anything that displeases you Lord Jesus.We will not miss out on spending eternal life with you.We say yes to your will,yes to your ways Lord Jesus.We attack the strongholds and plans of the enemy that have been put in place against us.We command in the name of Jesus Christ that the enemy must release the minds,will,emotions and body completely.They have been yielded to the Lord and we belong to Him.Lord,enable us to become the people You created us to be.Show us how to apply Your Word in our life each day.We stand firmly upon Your Word.In Jesus Name.Amen 

P.S.SIS/BROS Remember he who angers you controls you.When tempers grow hot,Christianity grows cold. Never argue with a fool.Someone watching may not be able to tell the difference. Anger is one letter short of danger.Only what you do for Christ will last.A sword is only as good as its edge,the sharper the edge the better for battle.In the name of Jesus I speak life into every dead situation in your life.No weapon formed against you will prosper.Have a Blessed Day in the LORD not Satan.Love SWORD4THELORD
By SWORD4THELORD Copyright © 2009 Larraine Charleston,All rights reserved

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