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At 1:23pm on November 4, 2009, Ricardo Miller Ministries said…

The Children's Ministry event of events will hit the DFW area. The 2009 Children's Ministry Symposium Friday November 13 - Saturday November 14, 2009. The Children's Ministry Symposium will feature some of the most renowned Children's Ministry Leaders in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Taking place at Pathway of Life Church 8510 Military Pkwy, Dallas, Texas, this symposium will renew passion and ignite a fire of excitement in your children's department like never before.

Here is a Sneak Peak at some of the topics we have lined up for you:

Volunteers - How to Get 'Em, How to Keep 'Em
Creative Classroom Discipline and Managment
When Wild Kids Show Up
Involving Kids In Worship
Predator – Proof Your Children’s Ministry....and much more

With speakers: Connie McKenzie of Christ for the Nations Institute, Cynthia Hunt of The Potter's House Church, Susan Rutledge of Hillcrest Church, Gail Miller of North Dallas Community Bible Fellowship Church, Carol Crockett, Pathway of Life Church and hosted by one of the nation's leading children's ministry evangelists and consultants, Ricardo Miller, you don't want to miss it!

Registration will include a Symposium T-Shirt, Information Packet and Lunch along with access to all sessions.

If you are part of a children's department looking for an event that will equip you to take new territory in reaching children for the Kingdom, this is the event for you! For more information or to register, call 214-275-7284, ext. 109 or visit us online at
At 5:17pm on October 30, 2009, BISHOP JL ARY said…
At 3:43pm on October 15, 2009, KHADINE BECKFORD said…
At 4:18am on October 14, 2009, BISHOP JL ARY said…
Please Watch Video!

For more Information on how to obtain your own tool
Bar for your Non Profit Org. Or to set up your own
Personal retirement.
Bishop Jesse L. Ary
Give me a call 209 487 1268 209 401 1559

Or give me your number and I will call and explain everything to you.

For info
At 3:25pm on October 9, 2009, KHADINE BECKFORD said…



Be Blessed!
Khadine Beckford
At 9:28am on October 6, 2009, Prophetess / Lady Kim Reames said…
Blessing Bishop
A man with great Wisdom and Phenomenal Vision. Father I pray right now that you will meet all Financial area in the Man of God life that the Vision you gave him will come all the way to pass. Introduce him to the Bulter, Baker, and Pharoh, that will help the visionary to bring the visoin to manifestation, in Jesus Name it is so ,and the Devil is defeated with the blood of Jesus
At 5:03pm on September 28, 2009, Prophet Christopher Burton said…
Grace and Peace,
This is Prophet Christopher Burton, just sending you Kingdom greeting. I believe God has allow us to connect for such a time as this. I convicts more now then ever that God is allowing His sons and daughter to connect to release the next dispensation of Grace of the lives of God's people. I would like to share something with you if I may, Contact me at 404-468-4186. Until we speak, Grace to You!!!
At 9:27am on September 26, 2009, cherry said…

At 6:31pm on September 25, 2009, Apostle Dr. Larry Everett said…
At 9:41pm on September 23, 2009, Apostle Valcena R. Lamon said…
GRACE & PEACE BE UNTO YOU, MAN OF GOD! Thank you for extending your friendship...I greet you in the name of Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ...I represent the Living Testimony Global Ministries and the Alabaster Box Testimonial Conferences (we travel where needed as God allows)....Looking forward to our new fellowship in Christ......
At 11:29pm on September 21, 2009, Abraham Israel said…
Good Day My Wonderful Love One!. A Brother ask me if i had did some studying on Lord & Jesus? I appreciate his question in regards to Lord and Jesus. Because people just don't ask that guestion or study it to know; Moreover Here Are The FACTS; When you look in the Strongs Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible or the King James Hebrew/Greek Key Word Study Bible, Under the reference Lord there is a Hebrew code, 3068 יהוה which is YHWH. And concerning Jesus, go to the Greek Dictionary in the same reference book there is a Greek code 2424 which will take you to the Hebrew code 3091 which is Joshua,
which will take you back to the Hebrew 3068 יהוה which is YHWH. Note,when you read and apply the principles of 2 Timothy 2:15 You will know these facts That Joshua,
Jesus, Isaiah, Lord, Jehovah, John, Jonathan, and other names or titles will ALL
take you back to Hebrew Code 3068 יהוה YHWH. Moreover, I come in truth. All I ask is that you consider to study the facts and be blessed. And go and wake up your family and continue to be blessed. Praise Yahweh, Your Dear Brother Abraham
At 11:01am on September 21, 2009, State Bishop Dr. R. L. Johnson said…
Peace be unto you, and the whole House of Israel. I will become a part of your Apostolic Fellowship of churches. In Christ, Sr. Bishop Dr. R. L. Johnson, Chief Apostle-COGIC OF AMERICA, Inc.
At 8:56pm on September 19, 2009, Apostle Dr. Eliza B. Tate said…

Thank you for the invitation of friendship; May the promises of God overtake you Spirit, Soul & Body as you trust to obey His voice and adhere to His commands in your walk with Him. Be Blessed!

Yours In The Kingdom/Apostle Tate
At 8:32pm on September 19, 2009, Rev. Margaret Moore said…
Thanks Bishop Smith for the friendship it is an honor to be connected to you.
At 10:47pm on September 18, 2009, Aaron D McCall, D. Min. said…
Thank you Bishop for accepting my invitation to forge a Kingdom connection. I look forward to a very rewarding fellowship.
At 7:49pm on September 16, 2009, Apostle G. S. Jackson said…
Grace and Peace Great Man Of God, Thank you so much for the extension of the olive branch. May the Blessings of the Lord continue to overtake you through your obedience and as you hearken unto the voice of the Lord our God! Continue to bask, live, walk, uphold, execute and enforce HIS TRUTH!
At 11:16am on September 16, 2009, Prophetess C. Bryant said…
God Bless you man of God and thank you so much for the friend request it is an honor to be apart of your friend circle again thanks and God Bless you abundantly.

Don't be a stranger check on your sister sometimes
At 6:13pm on September 15, 2009, Pastor Kevin & Lady Linda Kemper said…
how are you doing bishop tell me about yourself? me and my wife are in transition right now we would like for you to pray for us in your prayers. Godbless.
At 12:58am on September 10, 2009, Abraham Israel said…
Name of the Creator As The Father is יהוה "YHWH"
and His Son’s Name is יהוה "YHWH" Note: The Father & Son Name Are The Same! (John 5:43) They Are ONE!
"Pronounced Yahweh"
Encyclopedia Britannica
Yahweh - the God of the Israelites, his name being revealed to Moses as four Hebrew consonants (YHWH) called the tetragrammaton. After the Exile (6th century BC), and especially from the 3rd century BC on, Jews ceased to use the name Yahweh for two reasons. As Judaism became a universal religion through its proselytizing in the Greco-Roman world, the more common noun Elohim, meaning “god,” tended to replace Yahweh to demonstrate the universal sovereignty of Israel's God Yahweh over all others. At the same time, the divine name Yahweh was increasingly regarded as too sacred to be uttered; it was thus replaced vocally in the synagogue ritual by the (Jews) Hebrew word Adonai (“My Lord”), which was translated as Kyrios (“Lord”) in the Septuagint, the Greek version of the Old Testament.

The Masoretes, who from about the 6th to the 10th century worked to reproduce the original text of the Hebrew Bible, replaced the vowels of the name (YHWH) Yahweh with the vowel signs of the Hebrew words Adonai or Elohim. Thus, the artificial name Jehovah (YeHoWaH) came into being. Although Christian scholars after the Renaissance and Reformation periods used the term Jehovah for YHWH, in the 19th and 20th centuries biblicalscholars again began to use the form Yahweh. Early Christian writers, such as Clement of Alexandria in the 2nd century, had used a form like Yahweh, and this pronunciation of the (Tetragrammaton) was never really lost. Other Greek transcriptions also indicated that YHWH should be pronounced Yahweh.

The meaning of the personal name of the Israelite God has been variously interpreted. Many scholars believe that the most proper meaning may be “He Brings Into Existence Whatever Exists” (Yahweh-Asher-Yahweh). In I Samuel, God is known by the name Yahweh Teva-?ot, or “He Brings the Hosts Into Existence,” the hosts possibly referring to the heavenly court or to Israel. The personal name of God probably was known long before the time of Moses. The name of Moses' mother was Jochebed (Yokheved), a word based on the name Yahweh. Thus, the tribe of Levi, to which Moses belonged, probably knew the name Yahweh, which originally may have been (in its short form Yo, Yah, or Yahu) a religious invocation of no precise meaning evoked by the mysterious and awesome splendour of the manifestation of the holy.

Also see "Consonants Or Vowels?"
Give Unto Yahweh the Glory Due Unto His Name!
At 10:44pm on September 8, 2009, Pastor Sylvester E.Brinson IV said…
a mad man becuse of thee anointing on your life sorry.

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