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At 5:20am on December 7, 2013, rev Thirare Joseph said…

Receive my calvary greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus I have been reading your messages and have been so blessed.

I would like to know more about you? I believe the Lord has brought us together with a purpose.

I am a Pastor from Kenya Preaching in one of the biggest Slum in our capital City Nairobi. I do also work with community based project in Slum.

I will be praying for you,

May the Lord of creation bless you abundantly.

Yours in the vineyard Rev. Thirare Joseph.


At 9:26pm on November 1, 2013, Apostle LaWanda Peters said…
We are living in a time where no one fears God anymore, Neither do they respect or adhere to the authorities that be; but people WAKE UP!!! GOD has set in order SUCH AS HE SEE FIT; APOSTLES, PROPHETS, PASTORS, TEACHERS, EVANGELIST...SUCH AS HE SEES FIT! Many haven't forgotten, they simply CHOOSE to respect & disrespect who they choose to, BUT GOD! He said, "the orders that be are ordained of me" FOR YOUR GOOD!
God knows much better than you do, what you need, and he loves us so much that he said, "I'll even give you Pastors after my own heart." WAKE UP PEOPLE! The very people that God sent to help you has suddenly become your enemy, the person you can't take wise counsel from, the one you turn a deaf ear to, the one you blatantly disrespect & put your mouth on? Be VERY afraid, Be VERY careful. For we are entering a season where you WILL NEED Godly counsel, instruction, and wisdom. Trust the word of The Lord, EVERYTHING & EVERYBODY will fail you if it's not the DIVINE ORDER & WILL of God for you. So keep negating, wrongfully choosing, being a thorn/burden, disobedient, wild renegade. The day draws near when YOU MUST give an account for it ALL!!! And remember, The Lord doesn't care to hear your excuses! WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! You have been warned!
This does not require your conversation, rationalizing, examination, or cross examination, honey this is SELF EXAMINATION, FOR YOU, before GOD cross examines you. He hasn't lied yet! Not one Prophetic utterance has fallen to the ground.
ITS ABOUT TO GET REAL REAL FOR SOME PEOPLE BECAUSE YOU REFUSE TO JUST LISTEN, but more than that you refuse to simply do what his word mandates, in which there is no need for micromanaging.
"For if ANY man be in me, he is a NEW CREATION, old things (behavior, mindsets, ways, habits) are PASSED AWAY (dead, no longer there) BEHOLD (seeing, capture it, right before you) ALL THINGS are NEW!" You're NOT ready if you don't get it! Time out for sugar coating, baby sitting SUPPOSEDLY mature people in Christ! Be advised, YOUR ACCOUNTABILITY is before God! You might not answer to HIS authorities, but you WILL answer to him! GET RIGHT CHURCH! And know that YOU are the church! So STOP looking at the physical building & check the TEMPLE! "FOR YOUR BODY IS THE TEMPLE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT!"
Remember: no one wants to hear, until the damage is done!
BUT, The Prophet has released! It's up to you now. Judge it, slice it, portion it, size it up...IT IS WHAT IT IS.
~Apostle L. Peters
Messenger of Christ Only
At 4:10pm on October 9, 2013, Apostle LaWanda Peters said…

Faith is a MUST in this hour! No faith no miracles, no moves, no message! It's going to take FAITH IN GOD. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things NOT seen! You won't see it every time & you might not understand it but YOUR FAITH is what will move mountains (God). No amount of talk, anger, frustration, attitude, fear, manipulation, deception will work! Understand this; WHAT HAS BEEN, DID, OR WAS IS NOT GOING TO WORK! It's either ALL IN or ALL OUT!

By FAITH, Abraham, Acted upon a word from God, and received Isaac back, alive from the alter...

If you refused to trust him and take him at his word (act upon), you will not receive anything from God! It's your faith that moves him. Can you believe him for what he has spoken and stand on it even when all you see around you APPEARS to be failing you?
NOW FAITH SAINTS!!! RIGHT NOW, AT THIS PRESENT MOMENT, AT THIS PRESENT TIME, IS WHAT WILL TAKE YOU TO THE PROMISES. Not MAN IR WOMAN, Not books, not what you have heard, but YOUR FAITH IN GOD! Will you trust him? But the bigger question is: CAN HE TRUST YOU? Rise up SOLDIERS! It's time to take your places!

At 12:09pm on August 9, 2013, Apostle LaWanda Peters said…

The enemy is attacking the Apostolic (Apostles) Prophets (Prophetic voices) like crazy in this hour. I say hour because thats all it is, its not a season because this shall soon pass, but its necessary! This is the hour that GOD himself is calling for the BOLD APOSTOLIC ORDER/DIRECTION & the BOLD PROPHETS~CORRECTION...
Therefore, this is the hour of CORRECTION
Those who despise C.D.O. will face Exposure & ultimately be banished from the camp! Know that all movement isn't the "person" but it's the Lords doing, just as God caused 400 Prophets to lie to Ahab & ultimately cause his demise (death). Many will kill themselves in this hour because they don't want to hear Micaiah,(the bold uncompromising Prophet), the one who's NOT taking down even if it means disconnect, walking away, losing some ppl...this is more of a test of WHO WILL STAND EVEN IF EVERYONE ELSE BOWS, DISCONNECT, or TURN BACK!

As for ME & MY HOUSE; I CHOOSE TO STAND, no taking down, no compromise, no settling. Jesus lost many and so will we, but the true acid test is, will you compromise in order to hold on to ppl, titles, numbers, buddies, friends, even spouses! This thing is getting REAL! The word is unfolding right before our eyes!
"For there will be 2 in a field, one will be taken the other will be left," "Those who are against you will be of your own household"....IT'S SCRIPTURE & IT DOES NOT LIE!
Brace for this place...we are merely PASSING THRU! This won't last long, but when GOD gets tired, this is what happens!


~Apostle Peters
Prophetic Utterance

At 3:48pm on May 11, 2013, Apostle LaWanda Peters said…

   God knows what we need when we need it and he knows who to place in our lives to bring out the best in us. Take God at HIS Word and eliminate your reasoning & excuses. There's greatness in you, you just need to work on pulling it out & sometimes that takes the right people/person coming along to give you that extra boost! It's not to hinder or hurt you it's to help you.

At 12:42pm on April 4, 2013, Apostle LaWanda Peters said…

There comes a point & time in life when you have to just face facts, everybody's not going to support you, like you, embrace you, respect you, be honest with you, celebrate you, tell you the truth, be transparent, or give you the credit that you deserve...
Learn to embrace those people and love them anyway, BUT love them from afar & without stopping or altering the plan(s) of God for your life. It's called: TIME TO MOVE ON. It doesn't mean you dislike them or even hate them, it simply means you've come to love you more than you expect others to ~and that's ok.
Now focus on those WHO DO care, love you, appreciate you, celebrate you, and allllllll of the above! THAT'S REAL & THAT'S REAL LIVING. It's time for you to live & stop worrying so much about how other feel or treat you. As long as GOD is pleased. 
But to those who are treacherous: know that there's a day, time, and place when God himself will deal with you. You can manipulate your way through life but you can't manipulate your way into Heaven! 
Get it right HERE FIRST, otherwise there is no THERE. 
~Apostle Peters

At 11:12am on March 27, 2013, Apostle LaWanda Peters said…

God will open doors that no man can shut and he will shut doors that no man can open!
Be careful not to force your way into places that you've been forbidden or not been accepted/allowed into AND please just because a door opens don't just go running through it. PRAY!!!
The snares of Satan is real & yes, he use people to carry out his missions & assignments. Therefore, pray about EVERY move, per......son, connect, open/closed door. Make NO moves w/o prayer!
Fight to stay connected to Jesus NOT man but be connected to the right people!

Also, let go is the word of the hour! You have to let it/them go! It~meaning anything/anybody that hinders or holds you back. There's a release in the atmosphere, and that release says, no longer fight, strive, go along, be silent! It's time to speak up! Stand your grounds! Turn right & go straight!

At 10:33am on March 23, 2013, Demetria E. Bass said…


Please check out our 24/7 online gospel radio station Praise 2 Go Radio and like us. Our website is   www.praise2go.com  E-mail me back at  ptriplec@aol.com


Pastor Demetria Bass

The River Christian Center

At 3:49pm on March 5, 2013, Apostle Dudley Thibeaux Jr. said…

Be blessed Woman Of GOD keep up the good work we are to encourage each other in the Faith may GOD give you the desires of your heart. This is the believers season of blessing.

At 12:00pm on March 1, 2013, Apostle LaWanda Peters said…
Never look at what it LOOKS like, just stay focused on what GOD has spoken. The very people you THINK will support you will be the very ones to disappoint you, come against you, lie on you, stress you & try to destroy you. They are usually the last to even say I'm happy for you. So let me encourage you while I encourage myself. STAND STEADFAST, UNMOVABLE, ALWAYS ABOUNDING IN THE WORKS/WORD OF THE... LORD. If God be for you, he's more than the world against you. Don't worry or focus on those who don't believe in you or what God has called you to do, just focus on you & your assignment. You won't win them all & everyone who says they're your "friend" is not true to it, BUT again, KEEP YOUR FOCUS, Keep God FIRST & he will make your enemies your footstool. No need to fight, just keep pressing forward & toward the mark. The enemy usually use those closest to you to try & distract & distort your vision/goals/dreams. You won't loose if you just stay focused & trim away the fat(anything & anybody who distracts or come against you). It's time to cut the cord & move on.   God bless   ~Apostle Peters
At 4:56pm on February 25, 2013, Apostle LaWanda Peters said…

Romans 13:1-7
Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment. For rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but to bad. Would you have no fear of the one who is in authority? Then do what is good, and you will receive his approval, for he is God's servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain. For he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God's wrath on the wrongdoer. Therefore one must be in subjection, not only to avoid God's wrath but also for the sake of conscience. ...

Be careful how you disrespect & handle God's Men & Women of God. There is a penalty for touching his anointed ones. If you don't agree with them or understand something pray & ASK questions but to
Oppose, rebuke, check, or mishandle them causes judgement & Gods wrath to fall upon you.
His word says TOUCH NOT my anointing AND do my Prophets no harm.
It's a very dangerous thing to come against spiritual authority. It DOES NOT please God! You CAN'T. Just say & do what you feel, ESP. Out of offense! You only set a trap for yourself because it goes contrary to Gods word.
Hebrews 13:17
Obey your leaders and submit to them, for they are keeping watch over your souls, as those who will have to give an account. Let them do this with joy and not with groaning, for that would be of no advantage to you.
Take heed to the word least at any time you slip.
~Apostle Peters

At 2:44pm on February 12, 2013, G.U.W. MINISTRY said…

Love Me II - Rev. Arlee Turner Jr. from Arlee Turner Jr. on Vimeo.

Sex is a crucial area of Christian singleness. Sex is so crucial because it is so intimately related to who we are. And it's the area in which many single believers find their biggest struggle...

In 1 Corinthians 6:12-20, Paul discussed sex outside of marriage. The bottom line of his argument was that sex outside of the marriage covenant is sin and is totally contrary to God's agenda for single believers. That bedrock truth never changes in any culture or any setting.

Paul was arguing that sexual purity outside of marriage is demanded because of God the Father, it's expected because of God the Son, and it's possible because of God the Spirit. Some Christian singles falter in this area because they lose sight of the theology and limit themselves to the anthropology involved...

In other words, whenever you hear someone saying, "But I'm only human," that's an anthropological argument. But, if you are a believer you are more than just a human. You are a saved human, and you have God's power for purity resident within you.

Some people say sex is like food. When you're hungry, you eat. No big deal. But Paul answered that in 1 Corinthians 6:13. The stomach may be for food, he said, "yet the body is not for immorality."

If your date tells you he washed his car and bought a new suit for this date and expects something more than a good night at the door, tell him, "You washed your car? Ok, I will help you put the dirt back on your car. And you bought a new suit? I'll go with you while you take it back." You are far too valuable to be used by undisciplined men for their gratification.

God created your body to be used for His glory, not simply to satisfy either your own or someone else's passion unless it is within the proper functioning of marriage...

See, God does not condemn sex outside of marriage because sex is bad. He condemns sex outside of marriage because it's so good when used properly within marriage.

At 1:04pm on January 29, 2013, Apostle LaWanda Peters said…

Beware of The spirits of seduction, deception, trickery.
Be careful & KNOW those with whom you're allowing in your person, private, intimate space. Samson got caught up laying w/a woman whom he fell in love with, but she didn't love him more than she loved $$$. She sold him out for silver.
Beware of those who will sell you out for money, popularity, recognition, out of anger, disappointment, etc. They get close to you for reasons that aren't pure & lay in wait, waiting to pounce on you. They slow walk you down, and when you're at your weakest point (and we all fall weak or loose strength from time to time), that's when they attack. This spirit knows what you like. Delilah knew what Samson liked, so she stroked him until she got just what she wanted. She wore him down. He got tired of her & gave in to the wrong person...
The enemy is cunning & sneaky...you have to be careful who you're vulnerable with & who you're trusting.
When they show up, don't be so quick to get excited, happy, or loose focus. Ask these questions: WHO ARE YOU? WHY ARE YOU HERE? WHAT DO YOU WANT?
AND, don't be to quick to take them at their word...REMEMBER: CUNNING, SEDUCING & TRICKERY are their names. They know exactly what to say & what to do to get you. Moreover, they know what you like; and what they don't know, they will play game w/you until they get the information needed to take you out.
Don't loose no more of your strength to/for the wrong people.
Could you be sleeping/entertaining the devil/your #1 opponent?
Don't loose focus, don't be moved, let them prove themselves in actions & deeds more than words, because the enemy is after the anointing. Knowing the motives (heart) is so important. Have a blessed day. ~Apostle Peters

At 6:07pm on January 22, 2013, Nathaniel G Komba said…

Thanks so much apostle for bring you to my life and giving me these encouraging words which are so inspiring May God bless you please continue to keep the work in sierra leone in your prayers it is well

At 9:58pm on January 21, 2013, Apostle LaWanda Peters said…

How much are u willing to risk?

Like Nemo's dad, true parents (spiritual as well as carnal) risk it all sometimes to save their sons/daughters. We pray, intercede, cover, shield, push you, encourage, enlighten, and inspire. Our heart is to ultimately see you have the best & do your best BUT As a son/daughter, unless you open up & receive it w/o YOUR rules, stipulations & rationalizing you won't get it. You won't always understand WHY he/she say or do what they say/do, you won't always understand why no is the answer or even why you get the correction & direction that's given. You have to trust that it's for your good! 
Nemo risked it all to prove a point...
How much R u willing to risk?
How far are u willing to go to have it you way?
Who are u putting in a bad predicament to get what u want? Nemo put his dad in a tough, dangerous, bad position by disobeying what he told him. Don't let your anger, frustration, or attitude get in the way & cause a situation that didn't have to be. Don't put ppl in a bad predicament (situation) because of your poor choices & wanting things your way. In the end you will see, they were watching out for your best interest. Never confuse YOUR choices as someone making you do something because at the end if the day, you make you're own decisions/choices but obedience is better than sacrifice.

At 5:59pm on January 16, 2013, Nathaniel G Komba said…

i am impressed at what the lord is doing in your life God bless you the more will continue to keep you in my prayers thanks

Read Isaiah 49:1-3

At 4:06pm on January 16, 2013, G.U.W. MINISTRY said…

GUW Video And Graphics Ministry Promo from Arlee Turner Jr. on Vimeo.

Greetings, my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ!
I am happy and excited to announce to you the birth of a new Christian Graphics and Video Ministry that will dwarf all others by comparison: the New GUW [God’s Ultimate Weapon] Video And Graphics Ministry, Inc. The current website has been leveled and a new one is being constructed that will contain the entire portfolio of visual animation and graphics that I have created using Adobe AE Templates built from my contacts in Rome Italy; Tucumán, Argentina; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Chelyabinsk; Russian Federation; Turkey; Pleven, Bulgaria and - of course - the United States. All videos have been created using Adobe AE CS4, CS5; Adobe Photoshop, Cinema 4D and Sony Vegas. All videos have a resolution of HD 1080P.

If you are interested in having video projects built to introduce your ministry or upcoming events - contact me at turnerjrarlee@yahoo.com or here, at Black Preaching Network. You can either contact me in the “comments” section on my profile page or send me a message. And don’t worry about pricing. I am trying to promote this business to introduce our churches to technology and visual graphics/animation that the unsaved world has been using in the last decade. Why should the devil have all of the “good stuff”, when it comes to video production, when the church desperately needs these tools to reach more of the unsaved for Jesus Christ?
A good 2-5 minute video (like the one above) could cost as low as $50 dollars to as high as $175 - depending on how much content you want in it. Now, compare that to the “professionals” who would charge you $20-$75 an hour and up! Don’t miss this opportunity to get on the cutting edge of visual technology! Hope to hear from you, soon, and may the Lord continue to bless you and to keep you!

Rev. Arlee Turner Jr.; God’s Ultimate Weapon Ministry

At 6:21pm on January 14, 2013, Apostle LaWanda Peters said…

BEWARE: the spirit of Judas, (Exposure, Deception) is yet amongst us! Whatever is in the heart of a person will show up even if you try to hide it in this season.
It's usually those who walk close to you, eat at the same table with you, serve you, walk with you & get to know you!!! The enemy is tricky, manipulative, and very deceptive & the enemy IS NOT a red faced two horned beast, it's two eyed, two arms, two leg people. WATCH AS WELL AS PRAY!!! This is why the Spirit is saying watch those in your close circle, disconnect, abort mission on some ppl & situations. 
LEADERS (Pastors): DO NOT be surprised of those who work/worm their way in & wax cold at the point of correction, direction, protection...some you simply can't protect because it's not in their heart to WANT to be safe. This reckless spirit is/has been loosed...keep your eyes open.
Stay in his face, praying & seeking him for guidance...even if you don't understand it, just obey!!!

At 3:40pm on January 11, 2013, Apostle LaWanda Peters said…

We are in a Time (Not just Season) where Exposure is HERE! The word was Come clean IN 2013, my SUGGESTION was Come Clean Before 2013! 
Exposure comes when one refuse to turn from what they are doing. God's grace is sufficient, he offers us chance after chance to get it right & let go of whatever it is that's NOT pleasing (right) in his sight. The word of God says, "I will allow all to see your nakedness"(exposure)..that's IF & WHEN we don't turn.
So think it not strange concerning the things that's coming out (to the forefront)...Know this: THIS IS JUST THE START! Gods grace is NOT a free ticket to continue on in wrong (sin), it's PAST time to get it right. REPENT (TURN & NOT LOOK BACK). 
Everything IS NOT Satan (the devil)...By the Spirit of God, he's saying no longer will your sins go unpunished, overlooked, unaddressed! There's a time, place & season for everything under the sun...NOW IS THE TIME TO TURN RIGHT & GO STRAIGHT! No more double standard, wishy-washy, lukewarmness...Come Clean it's NOW 2013!!! No more winking & slaps on the wrist.
~God Bless
Apostle L. Peters

At 6:09pm on January 4, 2013, Apostle LaWanda Peters said…

The Lord ALWAYS sends warning after warning to us but we must be open to hear, receive, and obey. Sometimes it's NOT what you want to hear, others, you hear it but don't understand & don't see it so you turn a death ear...
Its going to take FAITH! FAITH must kick in at a higher degree!
The Lord gave SPECIFIC instructions to Noah on building the ark & telling the people it was going to flood (rain), but because they didn't see it, they refused to take the necessary precautions/measures to protect themselves & their family (possessions), therefore many were drowned/killed because they refused to believe.
Take heed to the word of God & the PROPHETIC utterances in this season AND OBEY! It's NOT enough to just hear the word any longer & turn and walk away as if nothing was said. Don't look at the messenger & judge, HEAR & OBEY!
Stop looking for excuses why you shouldn't obey & just do it! Get stable and stop floating all over the place! You're going to need to be stable in order to hear. Get rid of EVERY distraction...you cant afford to be out of place, in offense, angry, bitter, prideful, disobedient... God Bless. ~Apostle P.

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