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At 9:38pm on December 27, 2012, Joshua Anyaoha said…
At 6:43pm on December 22, 2012, Prophtess Willie Mae Davis † said…
At 10:05pm on December 14, 2012, Apostle LaWanda Peters said…

The bottomless pit has been opened & Satan is wrecking havoc upon the earth. If the church doesn't get right starting with Leaders first, there's major trouble, even worse to come than what we are seeing & hearing. Where are the true intercessors? There's power in prayer? Prayer changes things! Why are we NOT seeing miracles, signs, wonders? Our God does NOT dwell in any unclean thing/place.

The wrath of God & his anger is real. God DOES NOT approve of all of the foolery thats going on "IN HIS NAME". From the pulpit to the back door, the trumpet has been sounded...do you hear? Better yet, CAN U SEE? It's time to clean up, starting w/Y-O-U!!! Where has the fear of God gone? Why do you feel you can live a unclean life? Is it bcuz u have a title? Well gifts & callings come w/o repentance. Titles mean absolutely nothing if you're not producing/living Godly(Holy-pure, set aside, righteous). 

The blood of Gods people (sheep) has gone up (before him). Woe be unto those who have innocent blood upon their hands. WAKE UP CHURCH (PEOPLE OF GOD). The day of The Lord draws near! Judgement is real. Clean up, starting w/your house first...(spiritual temple/carnal home-house)....CLEAN UP! PURIFY YOURSELVES. Hell has been turned up another notch. The enemy is NOT playing mindless games w/us...he's doing what he's suppose to do....WHEN WILL YOU? 
If one can chase 1000, two-10,000....don't u know that if WE ALL BIND TOGETHER & get on ONE ACCORD, we win!!! The enemy has to flee!!!!! Think about it!

At 10:06pm on December 12, 2012, Apostle LaWanda Peters said…

The Word Of the Hour: COME CLEAN IN 2013!!!! Can I say, nothing hidden will get by or no longer linger/hinder you! God is calling for HOLINESS w/o compromise! It's TIME NOW, to come clean! Be real with yourself because God already knows the deep hidden things in our hearts/life. If you don't willing confess, repent, and do the will if the Father, he's going to expose your nakedness for all to see!

 This is NOT the time to play games or play yourself. What DID work WON'T work any longer. What you HAVE gotten away with, GOD SAYS NO LONGER. It's time to TURN & NEVER LOOK BACK...Lots wife turned & looked back & turned into a pillar of salt! Don't you get caught up looking and living BACKWARDS!!!! Time to MAN UP! Live Holy! NOTHING HIDDEN SHALL NOT BE REVEALED. I'd like to say COME CLEAN BEFORE 2013!!!
At 4:41pm on December 7, 2012, Apostle LaWanda Peters said…

CHANGES starts in the mind FIRST.
C - Conscious 
H - Heartfelt
A - Actions
N - Needed to

G - Get
E - Entirely
S - Straight

Change is inevitable in many situations & in our everyday walk. We are constantly changing/going through changes, but in order to move forward in peace, we must make NECESSARY changes that will cause us to walk into our destiny 100%. 
KNOW THIS: All decisions that YOU make might not be GOD/GODLY/GOD'S WAY! Don't confuse your way w/his way for you!
Seek God! Hear clearly! Obey! Make the necessary adjustments! 
Sometimes everything about you & around you has to change. Company, Relationships, Friendships, Job, Numbers, Location, etc. 
Don't wait until 2013...START TODAY! Your answers are RIGHT THERE! Just Do It! 
Be blessed ~Apostle P.~
At 10:36am on December 5, 2012, Apostle LaWanda Peters said…

Life is full of uncertainties, but this one thing that I'm certain of & that's this: The Lord is soon to return. Be found faithful in the things of God & all that he's required of you. This old world & all that it has to offer will soon pass away...nothing that we possess will make the cut when it's time for us to depart; therefore, focus & direct your time & energy on things above ( things eter...nal) & let God do the rest. It's a guarantee, that if you Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of Heaven & ALL of HIS righteousness, then these things ( whatsoever you desire & need) will be added unto you. Keep hope alive by living holy & walking upright before God. Cast ALL of your cares & burdens upon HIM for HE CARES FOR YOU!!!!! Have a Wonderful Wednesday

At 9:22pm on December 4, 2012, G.U.W. MINISTRY said…

Love Me - Chapter 2 - By Rev. Arlee Turner Jr.  [Play this video in HD 720P by clicking the “change quality” button on the video player’s tab feature - ATJ]

A lot of what goes under the name of “love” has little to do with true, biblical love.  Biblical love involves the sacrifice you make for the loved one.  You measure true love by sacrifice, not by enjoyment.  If a husband talks about loving his wife but means by this that she does a lot of good things for him, that’s not him loving her.  That’s her loving him…!

What does it mean for a husband to love his wife?  The first thing it means is for the husband to be a savior for his wife.  Let me show you what I mean…

In Ephesians 5, a classic passage on marriage, the apostle Paul said, “Husbands, love your wives just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself up for her” v.25…

How did Jesus give Himself up for the church?  He died.  As far as God is concerned, to talk about marital love is to talk about a cross.  To talk about love is to talk about Calvary.  To talk about love is to talk about a Savior.  We have a Savior in Christ.  And our wives ought to have a savior in us.  We have a Deliverer in Christ.  And our wives ought to have a deliver in us.  Loving your wife means carrying a cross.  So if you feel like your wife is crucifying you, you have the perfect opportunity to look like Jesus…

Nowhere in Scripture is a wife commanded to love her husband.  She is commanded to respect him (see Ephesians 5:33).  It’s not that a woman shouldn’t love her husband.  But her love is a response to his salvation.

That means loving as Christ loves.  So a husband is called to love his wife no matter what.  We can’t wait until she gets everything right…

A husband cannot say, “She’s meeting my needs.  Therefore, I will love her.”  No, you love her even when she’s not meeting your needs.  You love her until she learns how to meet your needs…

Most men date in order to marry, when the biblical principle is marry in order to date.  Most men shower a woman with love to get here to say, “I do.”  But the biblical ideal is to have her say, “I do,” so we can spend the rest of our lives showering her with love… - Arlee Turner Jr.

At 2:55pm on December 4, 2012, Seymour Mclean said…


[For the Ethiopic text see Brit. Mus. MS. Harl. 5471 and Fol. 39f. and add. No. 16,233 (DILLMANN, Catalogus, Nos. LIII and LIX) and Brit. Mus. MS. Orient. No. 639 (Wright, Catalogue, No. LXXXV, p. 52). For a French translation, see Basset, op. cit., p. 11f]

“My Lord and my God, my son and my King, Jesus Christ, who of thine own free will wast born of me, who didst suck milk from my breasts, whom the heavens cannot contain, Whom the bounds of the world cannot confine, whom the Earth cannot carry.

Whose hand the space of the abyss, and the depths of the sea, and the rain-floods cannot fill, whom the angels, and the powers of heaven cannot draw nigh, my son and my King, I, Mary thy mother, thy servant, beseech and make supplication to thee.

I carried thee in my womb for nine months and five days. Thou hast dwelt in my body, thou hast sucked milk from my breasts and hath lived upon my milk for three years, and I carried thee on my back for five years.

Remember, O Lord, that I have gone about with thee for thirty years, and that I fled with thee from one country to another when Herod wanted to slay thee.

Hear my prayer, O my Lord and my petition, O my Lord, my God. Remember, Lord, that I carried thee in my womb for nine months and five days, and remember that thou hast sojourned in my body.

My Lord, hearken to the prayer and petition which I set before me that thou wouldst hear my words of entreaty and fulfil all that is in my heart this day [ I beseech thee] to send unto me forthwith twelve angles of mercy who shall tarry with me, and fulfil all that is in my heart, and the petitions for acts of grace which my lips make to thee.

At 9:24pm on November 30, 2012, Apostle LaWanda Peters said…

I can't put my hands on the day, time, or where I/U will be when it will happens, but I tell you this; GOD is up to some things. Embrace the Changes that God's making & not question or doubt him. Seek HIS will & NOT your own! If you made the choice without consulting God in prayer, then don't be surprised when things don't go right. It is VITALY IMPORTANT that you seek guidance, counsel, the will & wisdom of God in this season. What APPEARS right & FEELS right could be the thing that destroys you! Make every move count, make KINGDOM MOVES & not Flesh/Self Centered moves.

At 9:57pm on November 28, 2012, Prophtess Willie Mae Davis † gave Apostle LaWanda Peters a gift
At 8:35pm on November 28, 2012, Apostle LaWanda Peters said…

We are currently working on our 2013 Calendar at LaWanda Peters Ministries. We thank God for a great year and are looking with expectancy for Him to continue to move by His spirit in a MIGHTY way. 
Please feel free to contact Evangelist Tamelra White for booking Apostle Peters for your next Women's Conference, Revival, Anniversary, and Conference. We look forward to MORE Kingdom Connections. God Bless! solidandfaithministries@yahoo.com or 229-255-0378

At 4:57pm on November 28, 2012, brandi simmons said…
Thank u for accepting me as your friend and sister in.Christ. Deaconness brandi Simmons
At 10:26am on November 27, 2012, Seymour Mclean said…

What can the chosen do for the Jamaican-British Diamond & Golden Jubilee leading to the Golden Jubilee of the OAU (AU) 2013?

Over 550 Ecclesiastical manuscripts looted at Magdala can be found in England today, the Books are opened the Judgment is set.

See Leviticus 25 for the Law of the Golden Jubilee, the Diamond Jubilee is governed by Revelation 20 v 12-15. All preachers look out for the rising of the Holy Spirit, She is full of Majesty & Grace have you seen Her?

At 9:29am on November 27, 2012, brandi simmons said…
Hello Apostle Peters i read your beautiful profile. May god continue to bless u and your family, as well the church ministry. I hope we can become good friends.
At 8:56am on November 27, 2012, Prophtess Willie Mae Davis † said…
At 12:26am on November 27, 2012, G.U.W. MINISTRY said…

Welcome to Black Preaching Network, Apostle LaWanda Peters, and may the Lord continue to bless you, your ministry and your family!  Shalom!

Rev. Arlee Turner Jr.; God's Ultimate Weapon Ministry

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