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At 5:12am on September 18, 2011, REV WILLIS WAFULA said…

Dear Servant of the most high God.

I am interested in your profile .Am a minister of the gospel in kenya with 11 churches.I am the senior pastor and on behalf of the church,we would like to work under
your oversight and provision.We welcome you to kenya.

Let us hope to hear from you.

Email us
At 9:14am on March 5, 2011, Rev. Ugo Peterson said…
dear sister in the lord,
greetings in jesus name.
our dear country liberia shares has a long stang
history and relationship with your country America.
your passion and faith encourage me. we will stand together with you in prayer until America and the ends of the earth are covered with the love and knowledge of our saviour jesus christ.
may God be with sitert carol.........Rev.ugo
At 7:14am on September 30, 2010, ELDER JONES GREEN said…

At 5:51pm on July 21, 2010, Evang.. Felecia Spaulding said…

At 1:43pm on July 18, 2010, Tracey Strother said…
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At 8:29pm on May 31, 2010, Virtuous Lady said…
God Bless You
At 1:01pm on February 6, 2010, Eugene M. Bouie said…

At 11:29am on January 28, 2010, Jackqueline Bennett said…
At 3:40am on January 11, 2010, Alex said…
thank you!
At 6:10pm on January 10, 2010, Dr. Bernice Small said…
Happy Happy Birthday!
At 8:39am on November 22, 2009, Alex said…
Please, let me know when you have a word from the Lord for me!
At 9:13pm on November 7, 2009, Karen Kennedy said…
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At 4:48pm on October 25, 2009, Ranpheal .P .Barleh said…
hey how are u doing hope all is well .. well i am refugee from liberia but live on the refugee camp wish to have a talk with u . wait to hear from u soon
At 8:14pm on October 6, 2009, Pastor Nathan Lennon said…

At 3:28am on September 26, 2009, Pastor k.s.peter palani said…
Grace Ministries Report from April to August 2009
Dear. Carol

Greetings to the brothers and sisters in the precious and powerful name of Jesus Christ on behalf of Grace Ministries.
I am very happy to meet you through lord’s verses. Now I wish to share with you, about Lord’s miracles, healings and other powerful things done among the people in our ministries through us. I trust in faith that this sharing will definitely remain to lead good and faithful life. So I request you to read this continuously. The lord will read within you while reading this article. He will remove all hindrance which stood against blessings and your sorrow will turn into joy.
Church Ministries
Now a days Gospel meetings are being conducted in remote village not only in Tamilnadu, but also in Andrah and North India by Gods grace and people are being Baptized in the holy name of father, son and holy sprit in churches. Our head quarters is in chennai. Gospel meetings were conducted by our head church and branch churches to 30 villages for the past 5 months. We taught about the gospel of john and as how to deliver from curses and distributed 500 tracks and new testaments.
We have also screened movies on Jesus by using small projectors. On seeing the life history of Jesus Christ and hearing messages, so many people had turned into Christ duly getting rid of their past sinful life. Now they have submitted their entire life to Jesus Christ.65 persons were baptized. Glory to God. We are making some other families ready for baptism.
We are conducting the church in rented houses and in believer’s houses in some other places. In certain other places we are constructing the church. The construction work has been stopped in 2 places for want of funds. Please pray for completing the construction work. We are in need of cycles to provide to workers in branch churches to do the ministry. Pray for this also.
Blind people ministry work
The lord is helping us to gather 30 blind on the first Saturday every month in the church to attend the prayer meetings and also to pray on certain important things. we have also purchased two brailed bible and given to blind. Besides 3 blind sisters are being trained in wire knitting. We are supplying 5 kg rice and other provision for cooking, soap and oil.
Leprosy people ministryAccording to the word of God, we are keeping 4 lepers for the past 4 months and providing them treatment and money and preaching them word of God. They are neglected people in the society. No. proper Food, clothe and treatment so they are much fed up. Now the word of God
given them new life. Some people used to attend prayer meeting. others are not doing so. Please pray for them. Your prayer alone will heal their wound in their heart and body.
Last month, children’s ministry, sisters meeting Fasting Prayer meeting, Pastors conference and other Holy Spirit meeting were conducted.
Orphanage children home
Our lord is merciful God. He is keeping our orphanage children in good health and wise and lead them in righteous way. There was so many hindrance last month. We were unable to send them to school last few months. The devil made us in critical position in providing food, clothe and residence to the children. But our lord is great. He heard the prayer of the children and delivered them from all hindrance. They are praying in the morning and evening every day. The lord has approved their prayer and arranged food, clothes and all other needs through good friends. The other children of God are praying for our orphanage children.
Now we are in need of a good place for constructing a house for them. Pray for the same. Be father and mother to these children and encourage them through your mail.
By God grace and your powerful prayer I have paid advance to purchase land for constructing orphanage Home for the children out of your help. I have to register the land in 10th of October 2009 by paying the balance Amount. Please pray for the same need $.7000. If I failed to pay the balance amount, the advance amount will not be refunded as per the condition of the agreement. So your prayer is highly required for the needful. Your help at juncture will be highly appreciated. Helping poor orphanage children is considered as lending to god. Pleas send help if your wish and you can.
* A sister namely Kamala living in Rumbakkam Village in Andhra Pradesh has blessed with conceivement after 7 years by God’s Grace Glory to God.
* A child 8 years old namely Subramani was deaf in Balasatham Village. He used to come to Church and prayed. Now the Lord touched his ears and can able to hear. Due to this miracle the Entire family has come to church and were baptized
* A young girl namely Manga was possessed by evil spirit for the past 11 years. The magicians who pray idols had sacrificed goat in order to drive the spirit. But in vain with the result no body comes forward to marry this girl. At last her parents brought her to the Church and wept bitterly before Jesus Christ. She was made to stay at church premises .we all sit on fasting prayers for 3 days and prayed for her. Jesus Christ touched with his powerful hands an d the evil spirit has left her body with alarming sound. Glory to God.
Delivered from Death
Sister’s name is Victoria Age: 40 She is Suffering from Sugar, blood Pressure and heart decease. One day she was fainted and lost her consciousness. The village people tried to take her to hospital certain others has said that she was dead. At this juncture I received phone call .Her relatives requested me to pa\ray for her. I prayed and the Lord answered my prayer. Now this sister is alive and coming to the church. Praise be to Lord.
Prayer Notes:
Pray for to complete the Church construction work
Grace ministries are developing very fast. We are in need of $ 1000 every month to meet out the needs of orphanage children, widows; Blind, Lepers and Branch church Pastors and out reach Gospel meetings.
Balance Amount. $7000 is required to purchase a place for constructing orphanage children Home.
To get 10 cycles for Gods servants for visiting villages.
We need 100 bible for outreach gospel work in village
Welcome to India. 2010.
we invite you to come to India and join with us to do lords glorified ministries you may chose to organize and conduct Gospel meetings and to give God’s messages in the church, outdoor, village Gospel ministries – pastors meetings – divine healing meeting- children’s meetings – youth meetings and also to meet and pray for blind – to help and preach and pray for the orphanage children. We are also ready to help you if you wish to visit all over India to preach words of God. We welcomes you India. 2010.
Please send any Amount want to use to sponsor our orphanage home. please tell this prayer request to your friends and your church prayer give victory.
Please send your DONATIONS in pay pal
My paypal e.mail Id is :
Paypal Account ID: VENP9KKHH9H7C
More about me and our orphanage children home and ministry please visit
In His Service,
Pastor k.s.peter palani
Grace Ministry
At 1:22pm on September 21, 2009, Pastor Nathan Lennon said…
I have enjoyed the discussion with you over God’s name. When I give bible to support my statements that is what I believe. I am not interested in any other book a man wrote. I have been following the bible more than 40 years and I am not about to change. The Apostle Paul said in 2 Corinthians chi-pt. 4 vs. 3 (BUT IF OUR GOSPEL BE HID, IT IS HID TO THEM THAT ARE LOST). I am going to continue to preach the Apostles Doctrine.

It is obvious we don’t agree. I don’t want to waste anymore of your time. And I certainly don’t want you wasting anymore of my time read Titus chi-pt. 3 vs.9-11.
God is blessing me to reach thousands around the world through his word. I am busy helping people be saved from hell and the destruction God’s bringing on man read 2 Thessalonians chi-pt. 1 vs. 7-9. To understand my mission in the ministry go to my website ( to hear God’s word.

At 12:07pm on September 21, 2009, KHADINE BECKFORD said…
At 5:43pm on September 20, 2009, Pastor Nathan Lennon said…
I am proud to say NO I have never attended a seminary or bible college to learn how to serve God and preach the Gospel. Peter and John were ignorant and unlearned men read Acts chi-pt. 4 vs. 12-13. When Jesus Christ walked this earth he didn’t attend a bible college. Paul said (THE WISDOM OF THIS WORLD IS FOOLISNESS WITH GOD) read 1 Corinthians chi-pt. 3 vs. 18-20. You cannot learn how to serve God and preach his word from a seminary or college. The teachers in the seminaries are following the wisdom of this world. You can only learn how to serve God through the scriptures read 2 Timothy chi-pt. 3 vs. 16.

God blessed me to be in fellowship with a true Apostle for 34 year. He didn’t attend a bible college to preach the Gospel. I learned how to serve God through his teachings. Today I am a holy and clean man because of his example and preaching. Holiness is what God require of the human family read Romans chi-pt 12 vs. 1-2. I have been married for 31 years and I have never commit adultery on my wife. A bible college or seminary couldn’t teach me that. God called me because I can help others clean up their lives and serve him.

At 11:18pm on September 19, 2009, Pastor Nathan Lennon said…
If JESUS CHRIST and the Apostles' are wrong then I am wrong. I am an Apostolic preacher and I have to follow what is written read Romans ch-pt. 15 vs. 4.

At 11:04pm on September 19, 2009, Pastor Arlee Turner Jr. said…

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