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At 7:44am on July 20, 2013, Devine Elizabeth said…

Greeting dear,

I feel with honour to write you after reading through

your page on BPN. I'm Liza,Sinle female never married!

I am nice, friendly, Honest,reliable and optimistic.

I want to have you as a mutual friend! Beside, I have

some exciting news to tell you  as  a top secret.

feel free to In box me @ ( lizajacob777@yahoo.com )

I look forward to heared from you soon. Thank You,

I pray that you are having a wonderful weekend!

God bless you and keeps you.

Best Regards,


At 2:51pm on April 1, 2013, Demetria E. Bass said…


Please check out our 24/7 online gospel radio station Praise 2 Go Radio and like us.

Our website is   www.praise2go.com


Pastor Demetria Bass

The River Christian Center

At 3:08pm on June 16, 2012, Apostle Paul Johnson Asamoah said…

Whenever we talk about God’s mission trip to nations is about God’s eye into nation whether heartbeats, his love, his kindness etc as well as God’s insight and foresight. The picture that is being seen in the eye of God. Looking for somebody who will avail himself or herself to be sent by God to fall on his love. Whenever you fall on God’s love, wherever he sends you are ready to go.
Before these things will be done in your life, holiness, righteousness first. Holiness means separation from all and hand yourself to the Lord that is you deny yourself from everything and carry his cross.
Now righteousness means complete standing with God in the form of togetherness and in the form of love. Because the Bible says how can two walk together unless they agree. Let me take this chance to address somebody. Are you seeing yourself in this message? How do you see yourself in this message? Is it ok or not? You need to check yourself and come out from where you have fallen apart in order for you to restore yourself as a servant of God or as a Christian, because the days are going , time, seconds, minutes in general are gone. No more procrastination. That is why this message is coming to you in order to address yourself. Like the way it happened in the time of Issiah as well as Noah. The Bible said Ezekiel stood in the gap for the children of God. Somebody reading this, are you also in the gap? If not you are not in the sight of God or God’s perspective. I came to announce to the general world that the individualistic in this world has a role to play. Ask yourself what was the role of Adam and Eve, the role of Abraham, the role of Moses and Jesus Christ. All of them fall on God’s mission trip to nations. It shows how bigger God’s heart is. Except this man Jonah who was running away from God’s mission trip to nation but finally Jonah got himself in.
Brethren let me take this opportunity to update or to top the mind with this. In the Bible or within the Bible days nobody was to do the same work as others did but they worked differently. So why today others are doing the same work. Because we are not doing the right thing and have not fallen on His love, but rather we have fallen on the works of men. That is why I am reminding you and bringing you to the platform of God to arrest your mind i.e to set your mind on God. Colosian 3:2. It has been an honour onto me to fix ministers on the agenda of God by telling them what God is doing at this end time what God is using me to do Apostle Paul Johnson Asamoah time past and time being. I have seen God using me to do great miracles that no one has done before. I see the dead raised in God’s mission trip. I see people who cannot walk, cannot speak. I see people who are barren. I have seen Christians ministers putting their Bible down, Orphanages closed. I have seen marriages that have been divorced but in all this God has been faithfully using me to stop problems within mission trip to nations secretle. Why did I used the word secretly, because I don’t want to reveal certain things.
Thank God so much by taking me to other nations. My next God’s mission trip will be Nigeria. So Nigerians should get ready for God is moving mighty to turn the whole world. Because the whole world is for God. I have dedicated my life for God to accomplish His work on earth. Anyone is welcome to back or donate to this mission trip if only God has touch your heart. You can agree with God today and support God’s mission trip in any way you can support. If you are reading this and have not accepted the Lord Jesus Christ is better you do now by saying this: Lord Jesus I am a great sinner please forgive me and accept my forgiveness because you came to die for my sake. I have taken you as my Lord and Personal Saviour, offering my life whole to you now. Help me to remain in you till you come in Jesus name. Amen. Get a Bible believing Chu

At 7:23pm on September 6, 2011, Pastor Rhonda White said…

Hello Dr. Carol !


Bless you!  Would you like to add your Books to our 3 online stores at a

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Bless you and keep soaring high!

Pastor Rhonda




At 10:00am on July 8, 2011, hilda said…
At 7:16am on July 8, 2011, Prophetess Dr. Teloria Williams said…

At 7:15am on July 8, 2011, Prophetess Dr. Teloria Williams said…
At 10:30am on May 21, 2011, Apostle Paul Johnson Asamoah said…
At 6:34pm on February 5, 2011, DR. ROY KENNEDY FARLEY JR. said…
At 4:41am on January 22, 2011, Bishop Dr. Innocent K. Segoh said…
Greeting in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

God Bless you woman of God I pray ALL is well.
It would by highly advantageous for you to join us on U.S.A. Network V.A.C.M.I and work on helping us building international unity through your vision.
We would be honored to have you as a member.

 I am certain that your affiliation in partnership would be of great impact to us. So that we can share your experiences, and learn from others' experiences.

This Organization  was created for Pastors and Missionaries around the world to meet and discuss relevant issues, as well as, missionary plan, conference and evangelistic endeavors.
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At 3:25pm on October 26, 2010, Prophet Samuel Levi Calland said…
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At 12:00pm on August 17, 2010, Karen Pfeifer said…
I would like to introduce myself. My name is Karen Pfeifer CEO of Black Essence Awards
It is my pleasure to let you know that you have been nominated to receive a Black Essence Award. Our vision is to recognize people and what he or she is doing in their community or throughout the world for that matter.

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At 11:25am on August 15, 2010, Karen Pfeifer said…
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Communities Resource Information,

Church, Business Events

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Life Line Stories

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Keeping It Real Showcase

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Gospel Today

Making It Happen

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At 4:59am on July 15, 2010, evangelist pastor susie houston said…
iam bless to join your group thank you evangelist pastor susie houston
At 6:56pm on July 4, 2010, William J. Bass said…
This is Pastor William Bass, senior pastor of Praise Covenant Christian Center in Springfield, VA. I am inviting you to ck out our new 24/7 online gospel radio station. Go to www.praise2go.com After you have checked it out please e-mail me bk with your comments and thoughts at ptriplec@aol.com looking to hear from you soon. Have a blessed day.
At 11:18am on March 24, 2010, RANAMI AFAGHA said…
hello dear mum, just passing by saying hello n dropping plenty of love
At 10:43am on March 24, 2010, RANAMI AFAGHA said…
hello,just stopping by saying hello
At 1:02am on March 18, 2010, Apostle Duane Jeffrey Sherman said…

At 2:51am on February 20, 2010, Pastor M.Truss-Barber said…
Hello Apostle Dr. Sherman,
I look forward to our fellowship.
His Servant,

At 10:53pm on February 3, 2010, DR. ROY KENNEDY FARLEY JR. said…
I NEED YOUR PRAYERS .......................................................................................

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