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At 8:14pm on April 3, 2013, Apostle E. L. Gales, PhD, D.Div. said…

Apostle Dr. E. L. Gales, D.Div. and 'The Lord's Tabernacle KOGAC' invite you and yours to our BIGGEST service to date! Come celebrate with us the 6th Pastoral Anniversary of Apostle Gales, servant of the Most High God and Lord Jesus.

In addition, many of you were familiar with the 'Pentecostal Holiness Church of Christ ®'. At the direction of the Lord, we shut down the PHCOC and rebirthed it as an Apostolic Free-Church named 'Kingdom of God Apostolic Church. After the Pastoral Anniversary celebration, join us for the official Ordination and Installation of Apostle Gales and the Chief Apostle and Senior Bishop (in the same manner as Apostle R. C. Lawson of COOLJC and of Bishop C. H. Mason of COGIC before him). 

*This Ordination is taking place due to the fact that PHCOC is no longer operating and the KOGAC is technically a NEW ministry.*

Lastly, we will end this monumentous celebratory service unto the Lord Christ Jesus by having and serving Holy Communion. It will be a service you will want to be a part of and will never forget. Let's celebrate the 6th Pastoral Anniversary and official Ordination & Installation of Chief Apostle Gales, and partake of the Lord's Supper!

Come be blessed and rejoice with them who rejoice!


Apostle Dr. E. L. Gales, D.Div.
Chief Apostle & Bishop - 'Kingdom of God Apostolic Church'
Senior Pastor - 'The Lord's Tabernacle KOGAC'

Saturday April 13, 2013
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
130 South Whitfield St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
East Liberty Library, 2nd floor meeting room #2

Pentecost Part II is happening over here, at The Lord's Tabernacle!

At 10:32pm on May 18, 2012, Joshua Anyaoha said…

Join us at

Connect with us today on Facebook
Connect with us today on Facebook

At 5:51am on February 10, 2011, Moses K Tawose said…
Thanks for the add.........!!!
At 5:14am on December 15, 2010, hilda said…


At 11:02pm on September 29, 2010, DR. ROY KENNEDY FARLEY JR. said…

At 11:00pm on September 29, 2010, DR. ROY KENNEDY FARLEY JR. gave Mrs. Denise Jones a gift
At 5:09am on September 1, 2010, Pastor Namaga John said…
Sister,No one can stand in the position of God and we who are called by His name are realy blessed.because we are His children and He is our father, the father who is not like other fathers,Our physical parents can get tired of us but He will never, and He gave us power upon all evil and no any weapon will be forged againest us. so stay in him.
Sister, ido invite you to come and minister in Uganda.please if possible organise,i know we have aproblem of funds for the transport to Africa and Africa is far from States but when we believe in Him,things turns easy. I don,t have enough money, iwuld have transported you to come.
Thanks a lot John Uganda
At 7:46pm on August 1, 2010, Pastor Darryl Miller said…
Try it you will believe listen to this from my church
At 5:39am on July 27, 2010, G.U.W. MINISTRY said…

God’s Ultimate Weapon HD/DVD Promo Reloaded

This project was built, processed and rendered in HD using Adobe After Effects CS4 and Sony Vegas Pro 9.0. There were 42 visual composites layered separately in Adobe After Effects CS4 and rendered together using Sony Vegas Pro 9.0. Sound effects - Pro Scores by Video Copilot. Visual Effects: Action Essentials 2 by Video Copilot, Twitch and Knoll Light Factory. First half of theme song - Pro Scores.

For information on the upcoming “God’s Ultimate Weapon DVD” or if you are interested in having your own church project or event built and rendered in HD; e-mail me at or contact me on this website. May the Lord continue to bless you and to keep you all!
At 1:26pm on July 6, 2010, William J. Bass said…
This is pastor William J. Bass, senior pastor of Praise Covenant Christian Center in Springfield, VA. I am e-mailing you to ck out our new 24/7 online radio station. Please go to and ck it out. Then e-mail me at and let me know what you think.
At 11:03pm on June 11, 2010, James Franklyn Everett said…
HI I just got back from the deliverance service its 11:17 pm and im exhausted. been feeling a little better lately but sill awaiting complete deliverance. I feel I had a positive experiance at the deliverance service however it got a little hairy when they ask me to allow the Holy Spirit to bring to my memory anyone i needed to forgive. And the Holy Spirit opened up a child hood rape that happen after school when I was nine. By a stranger in a car that said he was a boxing promoter. I had actually forgot about it. But I apparently was still tied to it and had to release this person by forgiving him, It was soooo very hard. Denise I dont know why did this all have to happen to me. Man everyone I trusted just used me or hurt me, I wish it could all just go away. Its hard to love or even trust anyone really for fear. I told God that Iv'e Been just Hideing all my life. and Im so Tired of hideing . I guess to protect the real me from further damage. MY moms boyfriend sexually abused me and my brother and actually beat me with a extenion cord in a cold shower till blood was running down the drain. I was only 10 years old. I woke up in a hospital coming out of a coma, and yes I had to forgive him as well. I do. I want to be made whole you-know. so I do. It just hurt so much you-know, going back there. But they did encourage me and gave me some good news. They have a minisrty called cleansing stream. I want to go. so what do you think. sounds like a good idea to me. I can use some cleansing from all this junk that has been laid on me huh. They said I had the gift of seeing in the spirit which was only confirmation of what God had showed me years ago. They said thats why the devils harrasing you because now is the time God has determined to take your life and everything in it and use it for the kingdom. I hope so. well I love you Denise and your always in my prayers my good friend and sister. God Bless James.
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At 7:45pm on June 7, 2010, James Franklyn Everett said…
HI denise just want to give you heads up Im going to a deliverance session to be delivered from all this demonic oppression. I will be fasting just water from wendsday at 6:00 pm to friday 6:00 pm. my deliverance session is schedueld for friday at 7:00 pm. So please pray for my deliverance and steadfastness to and for my savior. I Love you very much and am always praying Gods best for you and your family. May we all grow up together with one heart twards one another in the love of God that is in Christ Jesus. Which is more precious than any love we have ever experiance. Bless you. Hope you enjoy the music and pictures.
At 7:36pm on June 7, 2010, James Franklyn Everett said…
At 7:35pm on June 7, 2010, James Franklyn Everett said…
At 11:06pm on May 27, 2010, James Franklyn Everett said…
Hi Denise, Just wanted to say I love you and Hope your doing well. Is there anything you would like me to be agreeing with you in prayer for. It seems the Devil is on the attack everywhere these last days. Ive been battleing . The Lord is strengthening me and my resolve. This is a real time of testing for the body of Christ. The end is very near we have to hang in there together. Hold on to your faith which is very preacious in Gods sight. Remember the small amount of suffering we do down here can not compare to the Glory that will be revealed in us. I Love you so much, and so does God , Your Brother James
At 7:01pm on May 19, 2010, James Franklyn Everett said…
I just got back from the hospital and was so happy to see your post. It made my heart glad to tears to see your concern and love. I prayed that God would show me His Love in a real way that I could experiance it on the inside of me. Not just in my head. Im tired of hideing. I want people to see my heart, to see me, without me haveing to feel ashame about who I am or about my past, without feeling that people wont like my goofy smile (yes it's sort of goofy) or will dispise me for my intellegence. So afraid of being alone all the time, But the very thing I feared has come upon me. I just wanted to be liked, but its so hard. Its so hard. I went to the hospital yesterday because my heart was palpitating and my breathing was short. They put a cathiter in my groin and up to my heart to look around. you know I had go through this alone. After the proceedure they wanted me to call someone to take me home cause it was dangerous for me to walk so soon after the proceedure. But i didn't have anyone to call................... So The nurse and her secretary drove me home themselves. Praise God. I believeGod did that for me. I just want to thank you sooooo much for you prayers and your kindness it really means alot to me. Mabey Just Mabey God will turn this life of mine into a testimoney. Mabey someones hurting like me and when I experiance Gods love in my heart till its overflowing I can then offer that love to someone else who's heart is hurting like mine.
At 6:13pm on May 14, 2010, James Franklyn Everett said…
Hey Denise, Guess what? After I got your response to my prayer request about willfull sins I was watching the Seven Hundred Club, and you know how they have the word of knowlegde segment. Well he came on and describe my symptons down to a tee. Then he said God said you need Hope (which I did because the devil was trying to steal it. another pastor told me the same thing "he's trying to make you loose hope") and to know that God is healing you and RESTORING you. (right after he said that my left ear poped open and the left side of my face became relieved of the pressure. Oh yeah, He said its like a repression, and I was not only experiancing this but caught myself writing the word repression on my face beneath my eye in my sleep. as I woke up I was actually writing it. Thats gone as well. He said dont worry he's with you and will be with you every step of the way so dont worry. Im so happy I just started to cry. He's so wonderful. Thank you for your prayers and support love your brother James
At 12:04am on May 7, 2010, Abraham Israel said…
Praise Yahweh! For His Wonderful Super Great Word! Wow A Great Good Blessing Is Here, Right Now Study And Open Your Eyes And SEE! Study Like You Have Never Every Done Before In Your Hold Life. And So It Is! Shalom! Good Day My Wonderful Love One!. A Brother ask me if i had did some studying on Lord & Jesus? I appreciate his question in regards to Lord and Jesus. Because people just don't ask that Guestion or Study it to know; Will You Do "2 Timothy 2:15" To Know The Truth?; Moreover Here Are The FACTS; When you look in the Strongs Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible or the King James Hebrew/Greek Key Word Study Bible, Under the Reference Lord there is a Hebrew Reference, 3068 יהוה which is YHWH. And concerning Jesus, go to the Greek Dictionary in the same Reference book there is a Greek Reference 2424 Which will take you to the Hebrew Reference 3091 which is Joshua,
which will take you back to the Hebrew Reference 3068 יהוה which is YHWH. Note,When you read and apply the principles of 2 Timothy 2:15, You will know these FACTS; That Joshua,
Jesus, Isaiah, Lord, Jehovah, Jehovah-jireh, Jehovah-nissi, Jehovah-Tsidkenu, Jehovah-Shalom, Jehoshaphat, Hoshama, John, Tobiah, Jonathan, Eljehoenai, Jah, Bedeiah, Yah, Jaaziah, Elijah, Jehu, Eliah, Jaresiah, Jeshua, Jehoahaz, And other Names or Titles Will ALL
take you back to Hebrew Reference "3068 יהוה YHWH" Come On Look And SEE; Moreover, I come in truth. All I ask is that you consider to Study the facts and be blessed. And go and Wake Up~Wake Up~Wake Up Your Family and continue to be blessed. Praise Yahweh, Your Dear Brother King Abraham!
At 8:16am on April 28, 2010, Tommy Lee Funderburk said…
woman of god keep beliveing god will help us .
At 8:56am on April 02, 2010, rev/dr joan b-gosh gave Mrs. Denise Jones a gift

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