Ancient History according to the world, views Egypt as the oldest civilization dating it thousands of years before the birth

of Abraham the Hebrew. However, Abraham was born in the year 2052 B C E, or ( 1948 BC ) and the world flood of Noah's time

occurred in the year 2344 B C E, or ( 1656 BC ) dating from the commission of Adam the first Man's rule in the Earth realm on

the 8th day. The Bible dates the beginning of mankind's life or rule in the Earth realm to be 4000 years before the birth of


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Comment by Richard R. Foggie on February 10, 2012 at 12:44am



Christianity is not like the other faiths of the world. Christianity is built on history not just Bible history it is built on the history of a conversation, a Communication with the GOD Of All There Is. In Exodus he reveals himself as the great I AM, all that you need I am the source to bring your needs into existence. The first law of Communication is Knowledge, the second is Understanding, the third is Wisdom which yields the fruit of Truth. The three stages of growth in the life of most things we see. Are the Birth Stage, The Apex of Growth Stage and The end of Life Stage or the Death Stage. Each of these are learning stages. When we are born it is like the sunrise of the day. When the sun reaches it highest point of the day, it is like the Apex of our lives and it is during this stage that our personalites begin to express themselves as men and women. The final stage of the sun is the sunset. The sunset seems to leave or end the day and so it is as our body, soul and spirit prepares to leave or end its time within this present world. The Christianity faith begins in the stage of Birth by asking the Spirit God to come and dwell in us. To bring us to the Apex of our Spiritual lives The Spirit of God then asks us to seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteous or his way of thinking and all other things will be added to our lives. It is during this stage that Study. Prayer, Meditation of the things of God are necessary to bring us to our Apex of spiritual growth and enlightment.


   To believe is the act of relying, trusting, and placing complete faith in the words and actions of another personality, being or entity. The Christian Faith or the faith of the Anointed One and his anointed ones is dependent upon the active communication between the youngest race of spirit beings called mankind and The Spirit of the Most High God, which is accepted by faith as he whispers into the hearts or spirits of the redeemed ones the children of The Living God. The oracles of the living God come not through a spirit, they come via the Spirit, of The Most High God. The Spirit of The Most High God is not a great spirit, he is The Spirit, the spirit that apart from all other spirit beings created, to exist in Heaven and Earth, he alone, is part of the original family of spirit beings called The Almighty God, the creator & sustainer of Heaven & Earth.

The Christianity Simply Revealed Bible Guide is simply a compilation of the historical & universal concepts of truth revealed by the Holy Spirit for those personalities, beings or entities enclosed in flesh, seeking to walk progressively in, by and through the Anointed Perception of Most High God, and let all understand that the scripture is not of any private interpretation. But it is revealed to the spirits of men, open to the will and purpose of the most high God, precept upon precept, line upon line, here a little and there a little.

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. For by it the elders obtained a good report."

Hebrew Chapter 11
Verse 1 & 2

The elders who obtained a good report, grew in faith at various times manifesting the will & purpose of the Most High God in the earth realm. These elders came from different camps, from different intervals in history, and from different periods of divinely timed revelation. Who were, and who are these elders of the faith, the word of God called them:

During Adam's time to Methuselah's time, th

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