Anointed Works Sanctified Destinies Presents “Learning to Love Out Loud” …Don’t Limit your Life to Whispers- Book Release

Anointed Works Sanctified Destinies
The Book Release of

"Learning to Love Out Loud " Don't Limit Your Life to Whispers

Coming Soon To Your Bookstores in Your Cities

“Learning to Love Out Loud” …Don’t Limit your Life to Whispers celebrates God, love, family, life and living to one’s full destiny.

“Learning to Love Out Loud” is a book of inspirational and spiritual truths and observations. This book will encourage the reader not to limit their life to the mundane. It embraces the God given gift of life and all the riches that are offered to all. This book is to remind the reader that they are fearfully and wonderfully made for all God’s works are marvelous. Within the inspirational short stories and poetry, and the spiritual study are words of encouragement, life lessons and the happiness of hope. “Learning to Love Out Loud” is a book of acclamation that even as we all have imperfections we all are perfected through God’s Love.
(Psalms 139:14-18)

“I am inspired by the letter O and its strength
The Over-comers and the Overseers”
A poem and communiqué… Cheerleaders for a Better World… a tribute to those who love out loud everyday by their unselfish acts of love.

Somewhere between love and good-bye they had lost holy and lost happy... Was this what Eve felt when she and Adam were banished from the garden? I LOVE ME SOME HIM, Hymn and Him… a love story gone wrong.

Old Vikings Bear Scars is a short story of a young girl’s escape from abuse
She was running like she had never run before; running to quiet and to peace. She had thought about running to the park where she could sit under the trees, on the green grass, look to the skies and become a part of God’s creations. This is where she always found peace and God, but he would have found her there. He had found her there before...crying, wounded, battered and alone. This time she would not be talked back, lured back, dragged back into a world with no hope, no joy, no love and no peace. She knew this one thing, this time she would break free. This time she would not fall on her knees in surrender and pleading for help to anyone else but Jesus… this time she would run to Jesus.

Rebirthing From Wounded Wombs is a spiritual study of the supernatural call for a supernatural revival of the inner spirit to live, love and laugh

Peace, Blessings and Love Power,
Prophetess Sandra Dukes
I will wash mine hands in innocency: so will I compass thine altar, O Lord:
That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous works.
Psalm 26:6-8 KJV

Today and every day I sing O’ Lord My Love… My Life -sdukes

Tasha Cobbs
This is off of her Smile album. Enjoy! True Worship, the whole album is worth the investment. Please feel free to view my

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