Gods plan in the earth is more than a thought, an idea or figment of our imagination. It is a reality working out the conclusion of all things in the earth.
The world in which we live is rapidly changing. New ideas are replacing the old. New standards are preached as the old ones are rejected and looked upon with criticism and dislike. Can the foundation of the Church be destroyed? Are Denominations on its way out? What are the Churchs greatest dangers? Will the present Church in this age fulfill its mission? These questions and more are quite obviously answered by those who understand and see the Church in the same perspective that the bible teaches. The Psalmist says, If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do (Psalms 11:3)? The 'righteous demands a plan and order for existence. We are believers in our Lords purpose, plan, and order for man. The Bible is our guide and map to Gods foundation of ministry. The scriptures attest this in its entirely. We, in the present New Testament Church sustain these facts by practicing its precepts, instructions, and rules based on the apostolic order and practice. We subscribe to the New Testaments church principles and doctrines.

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