The COGIC, USA, Int'l Church is a Pentecostal, Protestant Christian Church in America with Headquarters in Jackson, MS, tracing its roots to an anniversary date of 1895 with COGIC, Int'l when in the year of 1895, Elders C.P. Jones, J.A. Geter, C.H. Mason and others while searching the scriptures, saw that they could not be saved without holiness. They were sanctified through the truth and began to preach this doctrine to their hearers. Because of such doctrine, they were ejected from the Baptist Church. Later in that same year, those same brethren congregated themselves and were known as the Church of God: Acts 20:28; 1 Corinthians 1:2:10-32; 2 Corinthians 1:1 and 1 Timothy 3:5:15 (Please refer to the history of the COGIC Church in this site. COGIC, USA, Int'l was founded to spread the message of scriptural holiness (Christlike living) across the lands. Today, the Church is located in over 100 places around the world. Prehaps you may feel led to establish or plant a church in your area or community; we will help and support you! Bishop J. L. Payne has written many books declaring the Apostle's, Kingdom's gospel-teaching-preaching for this century; visit us at

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