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Apostle Kelson .H. MIller in Sunday Morning Service

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Comment by Erica Joseph Shepherd on April 13, 2009 at 3:39pm
Press Release: Spirit Go! A school, through IHPM, is offering free training in Integrated Healing Prayer Module, which integrates Healing, Deliverance, Inner-healing and Exorcism. Spirit Go! School: is offering this training free of charge, April 23-25, 2009, at the Quality Inn, 1102 Columbus Parkway, Opelika, Al. 36801. Contact: Deborah Judge, Spirit Go School, 1-334-750-6456 or Visit for further information.
97% of everyone that you pray for will receive!
This is an opportunity for Pastors, Ministers, Prayer Leaders, Counselors and ministers engaged in the Ministry of Spiritual Freedom, Deliverance and Inner-healing, to be trained in Integrated Healing Prayer Ministry, which is a prayer module that integrates, Exorcism, Deliverance, Healing and Inner-healing. Healing for the whole man, Spirit, Soul, Body and provides an opportune way for a Church, Ministry, House Church or Outreach Ministry to experience exponential, Growth through Deliverance Power Evangelism. At last, to the praise and glory of God, Integrated Healing Prayer Ministry ("IHPM") has now made available, their resources on Exorcism, Deliverance, Healing, Inner-healing. We provide you with 3 days of intensive training, which will empower you. For the past 24 years this ministry has partnered with God and ministered the full salvation message of the Lordship of Jesus Christ to thousands who have received, salvation, deliverance, healing and inner-healings in the Name of Jesus...This Ministry has been blessed and used by God to demonstrate His life-saving transforming power through Casting Out Demons, healing thousands of people miraculously. IHPM has experienced the Holy Spirit come in with all of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in operation to fully deliver, heal and restore the whole persons by through ministering the Kingdom of God in Jesus' name to destroy the Kingdom of darkness...IHPM has now combined all of its knowledge and experience in foundational training manuals and books which are an outgrowth of the ministry's compilations of books, This teaching and training is biblically based and scripturally sound based on the Word of God notes, teachings, exhortations, brokenness and experience over the past 25 years. Deborah Judge, the ministries spokes person states..."Our books represent the ministry's experience and the results of the experiences of the friends, enemies and other ministers engaged in the spiritual freedom fight. Everything in these books and works is a work in progress; that is why they have been labeled Holy Spirit empowerment books for the believers. This type of informational on-the-job training ministry is what is sorely needed in order to be effective in today’s world. Having ministered in all of these capacities, we within the ministry knew that God had more of a complete work available for those that loved "Him" and were seeking wholeness in Christ Jesus. The Holy Spirit began to reveal that when a person came to Jesus in the Bible for healing, "He" healed them completely and that when they come to Jesus today for ministry, that all of their needs can still be met and that they must be met in order for them to experience the righteousness, peace, love and joy of the lord..."For 25 years we had been operating in faith and blind obedience to the call of God, upon this ministry. In 2007 the Holy Spirit opened up the eyes of our understanding and our ministry experienced an "Oh Thank you Jesus moment." it all came together for our understanding, The Integrated Healing Prayer Ministry is: Exorcism, Deliverance, Healing, Inner-healing, where all of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit operate, integrating, Healing of the Spirit, Soul, Body. The sins with all of their spirits and spiritual effects of darkness are dispelled and have to Go! In the Name of Jesus! A person is then blessed to have experienced the transforming power and the Love of God. Pastors, Ministers, Prayer Leaders, through your ministry they, will be con

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