Thanksgiving –The Celebration

The Celebration of Thanksgiving Day is a tradition observed throughout the world. This is a day believed to have originated in North America; and set aside to celebrate and give thanks for a bountiful harvest. Though it is a worldwide tradition in different parts of the world it is observed with different names and in different seasons. In the United States of America Thanksgiving celebrations are as diverse as its multicultural roots. Generally in the USA there are parades, merriment, and family dinners followed by football games. The family feasting celebrations’ underlying theme wherever celebrated is one of joyfulness, harmony, peace and gratitude.

Thanksgiving -A Tradition of Worship

One tradition of Thanksgiving which I have always cherished is when our family and friends are seated around the dinner table. It is the time when generally the host of the dinner party or in my family’s case the patriarch or matriarch of the family prays to God with thanksgiving for us all. It is when the respected head of the family gives thanks to God for preserving and protecting, loving and showing favor to our family. It is at this time when the head of the family prayers’ mirrors remembrances of Abraham the patriarch of his family, the Hebrew people, covering them with prayer and lifting up praise to the Heavenly Father. This is another time when we as a “whole family” have gathered together from near and far to give honor to God and to acknowledge and pay homage to God. As the revered father or mother of our family prays “Our Father in Heaven we join together in thanksgiving praising You from which all blessings flow for your mercy and favor we thank you for the bountiful and delicious feast You {God} have provided because of Your abiding love, Amen.” It is at this particular time after prayer that everyone individually gives their personal account of why they are thankful. It is at this worship time as our leader’s prayer has resembled that of Abraham’s prayer, we the descendants of our ancestors echo the spirit of inheritance as did Isaac and Jacob. It is a time of humbleness, gratitude and reflection; and a time of rejoicing. It is an age-old time of honoring the tradition of a family worshipping together.

Thanksgiving – A Prophetic Tradition- Praising God In Advance

In conclusion I would like to take this occasion to wish you all “A Very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.” I also offer this consideration as we gather around our traditional settings this holiday let us advance in our thanksgiving. In giving honor and praise for what God has already done let us walk in a deeper and stronger faith of what He can do. Yes, let us still give praise for what has manifested in our past but let us praise God for our future and our unseen blessings. Let us be visionaries in our thanksgiving. Let us praise and give thanksgiving to God for what HE WILL DO. This Thanksgiving as we offer our individual reasons for thanking God for what has occurred, let us take a leap of faith and “call things as if they were.” Let us declare and decree according to the Word of God what we can possess. We can give thanksgiving to the Father God that we will live according to His Word and that we will be rewarded abundantly as His Word Promises for His Word Has Been Proven. This Thanksgiving I Am Singing and Praising the Great “I AM that I AM” in Advance. Thank You Jesus, Hallelujah to His Glorious Name.
“Let Us Praise Him In Advance.”
Again Love, Peace and a Blessed Thanksgiving,
Prophetess Sandra Dukes –awsd

Marvin Sapp - Praise Him in AdvancePraise and Worship video with lyrics

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Comment by Prophetess Sandra Dukes, a.m. on November 20, 2011 at 2:15pm

All Glory to the Holy Spirit! God bless you woman of God Prophetess Lindsey. thank you for your response.When I read the words you wrote they touched my soul not because of personal gratitute but because I am His vessel to be used . I praise God and I thank you for your obedience to the Holy Spirit in your delivery of those words.

Comment by Prophetess, Valerius A. Lindsey on November 20, 2011 at 12:15pm

Prophetess Dukes,

the only thing that is left to say is Amen.  I am in total agreement with all that you have written.

May our God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, give you the desires of your heart for your faithfulness unto Him and accepting the gift of being a chosen  Prophetess. I value all that you share and the words  saturate my heart inspiring me to be an even better mentor to those that God has entrusted us to guide through His Word.

Prophetess, Valerius A. Lindsey


Comment by Prophetess Sandra Dukes, a.m. on November 20, 2011 at 10:49am
Good God Sunday Morning “THANKSGIVING IN ADVANCE –EVERYDAY AND IN EVERY WAY in text of Video Section

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