Kathy Taylor, Dorothy Norwood & Mississippi Mass Choir - At Calvary

There is a painting by Rembrandt concerning the life of Christ in the Alte Pinakothek Museum in Munich, Germany. This painting is interesting because it captures the moment when the cross is erected into an upright position. While two brutes push and pull it into place, there is a third figure bracing the cross. The third figure is a self-portrait of Rembrandt. Rembrandt states “He is placing himself among the others who are crucifying Christ. What he is saying, like them, I am a sinner”. I surmise that what the picture illustrates to us is “there go I but by the Grace of God”. That Rembrandt’s painting should cause one to contemplate how will I now erect the cross for my Lord? I will carry this “bare cross” wherever I go in my character, my testimony and in my living, for His Death was not in vain. I will tell others of how symbolically we carry crosses and are crucified but because of Jesus’ Magnanimous Love, we die in the flesh but we are resurrected in the spirit to live in love and everlasting joy when we believe, receive and obey the Commandments of Our Lord and Savior.

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