The Brother Marcus Show: Why are we so fat, thick and big boned? Why are so many people challenged with emotional eating? Part Three

"On June 29, 2008, Brother Marcus was joined by Dr. John Marshall, Dr. Angela Muhammad and Dr. Joshua Murfree to discuss this super powerful discussion on health. We explored the tremendous stress and pressure that most folks are feeling and the emotional eating that we are engaged in. We also addressed childhood obesity and the overall health condition of the American people. We kept it very real as we discussed this most important topic! Please enjoy Part Three of this show!" To hear this show in it's entirety on the web, click here: The Brother Marcus Show is a National and International Show that is open to all guests and callers, regardless of race, creed, class, color or religious affiliation. Week after week, we have discussions about what’s going on in this country and in this society. Please rate any shows that you listen to and add comments. We are always seeking guest panelists for the show. Would you like to be a guest panelist on my show this week or in the future? Do you know someone who would make a good guest for this show? Do you have a question or show topic that The Brother Marcus Show should address? If so call our offices at 404-542-3808 or email us at Thank you in advance and God bless you and your family in 2009!For more information please contact Brother Marcus at these sites: Brother Marcus! Youth and Adult Motivational Speaker / Trainer/ Author / Consultant and Internet Talk Radio Host: Mobile Office Phone - 404-542-3808Websites: www.marcusgirard.comEmail Address: The Official Brother Marcus Store: New book: My Online E-Books: Radio Show: Business: Twitter: Facebook: www.facebook.comMy Space: Tube: a Fan of the show:

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