The Secret Special Education System in America by Kamal Imani

When students in America can't seem to sit still or quietly digest information and regurgitate it back to the teacher without making the teacher uncomfortable, the student is then diagnosed with a "disorder" such as "ADHD" (Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder), ADD, Bipolar, Asbergers and labeled "At Risk", "Emotionally Disturbed" and put on psychiatric drugs such as Ritalin and other medications to keep them controlled and non-aggressive. These schools also use physical restraints to keep children in order.

Writer, Director Kamal Imani has been employed for over 10 years in this system trying to create positive changes with the students that he encounters. While he is currently employed by a professional private alternative school, his experiences that he writes about are from his previous two schools.

Take a sneak peak into the world of special education in America!

It's 10:30 AM, Do you know where your children are?

*Filmed scenes are from the web-series "Special is the New Normal".

Kamal can be reached at

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