Inspirational, motivational, uplifting, praise and danceable. This track came from a spiritual transition that brother Kamal was and is going through. A great message! Gospel fused with house-dance music and spoken word poetry.

You are ascending!
You are ascending!
You are ascending!

We are ascending because we are here
because we are listening to the spoken word
the same word that was here in the begining
The word that gave life to all things. All planets, plant life, animals and human beings.
We are ascending because We realize that we have a Creator
and we realize the need for developing a personal relationship with him
for checking into his house and getting an alignment
for begining to realize our mission and assignment
We are ascending
we are ascending into his kingdom
in a time of wars and rumors of wars
recession depression revolutions and revelations
We walk by faith and not by sight
so to get out of darkness we say

let there be light

even when we're going through trials and tribulations
we come back to the source, repent and ascend
realizing that Gods love and presence is never ending
We have a great future because
We are ascending!

You are ascending!
You are ascending!
You are ascending!

We are ascending because we have been broken
and then we have been blessed
We have a testimony
We know what God can do
We no longer have to guess
It's a first hand insperience
from the Creator-the Christ within
No matter what's happening with this system
You know on him you can depend
We have to meditate and study
It's a spiritual art
We have to be born again
shed the old skin
and gain a new heart
always recognizing the need for revival
revitalizing our souls
Let the Church Say Amen!
For we are Ascending!

You are ascending!
You are ascending!
You are ascending!

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We are Ascending
by Kamal Imani Emmanuel (c) 7/2012

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