This is for all Asst. pastors, Associate Pastors, and Even Assocaite Ministers......Don't allow yourself or anyone plant seeds of discord in your mind and spirit concerning the Head of the house where you serve....the bible tells us that If We Remain Humble, In due season GOD will Exalt You!
Snce I have stepped into the role of Assitant Pastor...I did not know folks was vicious like they are.... well let me back up some...My brother and I traveled doing ministry helping out churches who were struggling and as well as traveling with me as my armour bearer...when i would do service or deliverance service..well we went on a 21 day consecration and the lord spoke us about settle down in one place because we had gathered a nice size after much prayer we received who was to do brother would Pastor so I could still travel and I was placed as the Assitant pastor...instantly folks started murmuring and saying how I should be da pastor etc...and the lord dealt with me about this.....and said Son dont let these folk trick you into I want to encourage all of you to not let the people trick u into mutany...God sets whom he wants where...and in HIS time he will exalt and demote who HE choses.....

It was a great transition for me from being the one ministering all the time to now supporting him in ministry...but I tell you it was one of the best moves I have ever made...because as I am lifting him up God is lifting me up!

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