There are many teachers and doctrines that are of the Christian faith. It is very difficult to discern if the person is doing the sermon for money (profit) or if they are really speaking what thus saith the Lord. Can one trust a collar and who is ordanining these preachers who are now multi-millionaires. Is it wrong to be a preacher that lives in a mansion with a Bentley that flies a Jet?
2 Corinthians 11:3-
But I am afraid that just as Eve was deceived by the serpent's cunning, your minds may somehow be led astray from your sincere and pure devotion to Christ. For if someone comes to you and preaches a Jesus other than the Jesus we preached, or if you receive a different spirit from the one you received, or a different gospel from the one you accepted, you put up with it easily enough.

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This was enlightening that all of you shared deep understanding of the true reason that we are saved which is to bring the good news to someone else. I asked the question because so many others were asking me is it okay for them to stay at that hotel and buy these excessive material things and I didn't really have a response. I feel that God is the judge of man and I will never be in His stead. I also believe that we are pilgrims in the earth that are passing through. We are not here to have all of this world's possessions when the earth is not our home. I think living in 15 bedroom homes when 5-6 bedrooms is sufficient is a waste of money. I think we should pray about where to sow our seed in the world to help others and not be self-serving.
The new concept of the prosperity gospel is a new gospel and non biblical. Too many "so called preacers" are living like royalty while their flock suffers. In Memphis we have preachers being paid $33,000 a month, several drive Bentleys and Rolls. What is odd they refuse to help even their own members when they encounter hard times. People are too gullible.
If the King of Kings came here and live as a humble should we!
i personally dont have aproblem with as long as the ministry is not strugling and the members are experiencing the overflow of the wealth and blessing of the Lord [if indeed the oil falls from the head down to the beard even the skirts of the gaments ] but it is when the true gospel is being preach ,feeding the poor delivering the prisoners opening blind eyes saving men's soul . but let us not forget that we were warn beforehand by the Lord that there are sheeperds and there are hirlings[John ch 10]this is the time where folks are coming in some other way and not through the door crept in unawares unoticed bringing this damnable heresy but scripture says in 1john:4:1we should prove or test the spirit dont beleive everything these jokers feed you with now as it relates to true sheeperd's having a nice car and home 1 cor 9: deals with the benefits of sering the altar but as long as his heart is right
If his heart is right he wouldn't live out of the character of Christ.............
Define living "good"??? I guess you are in agreement that a pastor should live "good" off of the poor who tithe so that there would be food, not benz in the storehouse. Unbelievable...Being a Kings kid doesn't equate to living outside of the character of Christ. This is not the Gospel of Christ that we serve worldwide, but a deception that is hereterical in nature. God is not mocked and those who misuse Gods Word to feed their belly have already received their reward.
This is the typical drivel that is the main reasons why most of those who are outside of Christ are still on the outside. I'm not speaking about just what a pastor drives, but what is his drive in accordance to scripture. I"m mainly speaking about the Prosperity Gospel deception that seeks to desire wealth instead of the sincere Word of God and the continuing works of Christ which is to spread the Good News of the Gospel to the nations. You obviously aren't aware of my life which was all about me attaining wealth for wealth's sake. I ask you what is the Gospel of Christ? What are those who are professed and confessed Christians and leaders called and commanded to do once minds have been transformed and renewed? Is it to just live and to attain the "blessings" of God? Are we to bribe God with His own money so that we could live comfortable lives here on Earth? What is the purpose of why you breathe? Thought a pastor was a sheppard who leads, equips and teaches His sheep those things which requireth of Him to lead others to the suffering Christ?

Our communities are being ravaged by our collective enemy as children are being slaughtered right in front of the church doors as the negro "cherch" loves to 'bless' their pastor to live large while the rest of those in the congregation suffer and are in poverty and despair. This is his (or her) role *gotta say that now since women are now sheppards over men, must be politically correct, thanks to the Gospel of Oprah* to reap the material benefits of those he is ordained to serve? Who's serving who?

And am I jealous?? Puhleeeze..LOL At at one time was a banker making over $200,000 per year and drove what I well pleased as well as lived how I wanted to live, just like you 'Pastor'. Once I accepted Christ and found in HIs word that to be His Disciple one must be willing to give up ALL and to pick up the cross, deny self and follow Him and to consider the cost first because persecution and suffering is part of the deal (which is rarely preached today, but the health, wealth and happiness doctrine is because it preaching to the itching of ears to silly laden women mainly and greedy men seeking filthy lucre). My page speaks for itself as to what I do and what was given up for Him so that Heaven can rejoice when sinners come to repentance. Heaven doesn't rejoice when a pastor gets a benz as he deceives them with riches in order for he to become rich.

Question: Pastor would you die and lay down your life for your sheep sitting in your pews?????
I'm not belittling this topic about a car, I think and believed I explained myself very clearly. Its not about a car or what he drives, but what drives him and his church. What is his heart and what percentage of his tithes and offerings that he collects every Sunday is going to those who have never heard of the only name that has all power and authority to forgive our sins..Jesus the Christ? So I ask you Pastor, WHAT PERCENTAGE OF YOUR TITHES AND OFFERINGS GO TO THOSE WHO ARE A PART OF CHRIST IN THE WORLD OF THE UNEVANGELIZED?
Unevangelized means just that the unevangelized those who are the unreached and the name Jesus is unknown to them because the church is quietly driving benz's while neglecting the more weightier matters of Christ commands, precepts and mandates to Go Ye Therefore to the nations so that Christ can come back once every creature on earth has heard of His first coming. The question still is since were speaking of money and those things that feed the flesh only is WHAT PERCENTAGE OF YOUR CHURCHES TITHES AND OFFERINGS ARE GOING TO FEED THE GOSPEL TO THE UNEVANGELIZED AND UNREACHED PEOPLE GROUPS IN THE WORLD??
On the contrary people are laying down their lives daily in the world where Christ name is not yet known in dangerous and dark parts of the world where there is the most hatred for those who are professed and confessed Christians to further the Gospel of Christ. One of the reasons why I don't agree with pastors having bodyguards or as they call them now, armour bearers. So should the 'armour bearers' lay down their very lives to protect the shepard or should the shepard lay down their very lives for the sheep? And if the shepard won't lay down their lives for the Gospel sake, should only missionaries lay down their lives, their material wealth, their hopes and dreams to engage the unengaged? Or should missionaries serving in the 10/40 window (google that up) have body guards too (I mean armour bearers). There has never been in the history of
Christiandum been a people group who came to Christ without the the 'sent one' who suffered greatly to the point of being imprisoned, persecuted or be put to death. The very reason why we as americans living in America have the scriptures in english is because someone died and suffered and considered the cost of following the commands, the hard commands to follow the suffering Christ that we call...LORD, to have it translated into English from Latin..
When a man or woman (got oprah on 'da brain standing on my right shoulder), steps into the office of the under sheppard that is exactly what he is called to do.................. Why american christianity is a sham and is based on the disneyland feel goodism and looked upon as just another job.
Wow!! I came across this site while surfing the Web, and I am glad I did. To answer the original question, I don't think there is anything wrong with a pastor having any of the things that have been mentioned as long as he/she has obtained it lawful. I think that we must be mindful not to stereotype everyone because of the errors of one person. I will be honest I do drive a mercedes. I have had it for 4 years and it was used when it was purchased. But there is a story before the mercedes, like going for 5 years without a salary so that the church could become fiscally sound and then once receiving a salary going 5 years without a raise. It is important that it be understood that their is not only sacrifice made by the pastor but also his family for the sake of ministry so when the pastor does get something he/she should not be critticized. Any person that occupies the position of pastor and has not been called by God shouldn't be rewarded. I will say this I believe that being a pastor is a calling and not a career and I also believe that God will provide any level of living that my integrity can handle.


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